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December 4

    It's been a long time since any new channel info has come in, (and it's been delayed by various holiday psychosis on this end as well... apologies!) but there's finally an update or three!

    We have a new photo of Lyonene with her new and improved hair color. Purry! Also, Devast8r is the newest channel denizen to add a bio, so go check it out!

    There have also been several requests from people to be added to this site out of the blue. While we always appreciate the notice, the Denizens list is formed of members of the IRC channel. So if you would like your info up on the list, just join IRC (an EFNet server, remember), hop on the #alt.vampyres channel and get to know everyone! Then feel free to drop us a line with your bio, photo, writing, or whatever else you'd like the world to see.

What Was New in September

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