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Yeah, so for some reason you have happened upon my denizen entry.

Prepare to be amazed, terrified, and...well, disappointed that you were neither amazed nor terrified. So anyways, i came to this channel quite some time ago, i gained some friends, got rat-arsed at con a couple times, and ultimately had a good time. on the other hand, i managed to lose friends, make enemies, and be totally ostracized for a while (not that i minded, really...i had grown weary of the drama).

So, regardless of the past, i am back again and i have decided to mark my return with a bio update. woo hoo. anyways, here goes: Hi, i'm beleth or James - whichever you prefer. I reside outside the pseudo-city of Atlanta, GA where i was born and raised. I have been fortunate enough that i entirely escaped the horror of having a southern accent, as my mother is from Chicago and my Father, though originating in south GA, does not have an accent either.

All things considered, i live a pretty boring life. I work, i sleep, i play video games and watch TV. Upon occasion a member of my small, ever decreasing handful of friends will come over and hang out or we'll end up wasting several hours at a nearby WaHo (Waffle House, a southern greasy spoon restaurant chain. hey! nothing else is open late in ATL except yuppie clubs, bars and strip clubs...) or trying to find a non-yuppie club with a non-scary-redneck constituencies. Unfortunately, Atlanta does not particularly cater to nocturnal people. Perhaps I should relocate to New York, the Holy Land for all of my intents and purposes.

Aside from being fairly boring, i do have a horde of interests. I have something of a penchant for the bizarre in most areas of my life - my interests are no exception. I am incredibly fond of electronic music - primarily industrial and EBM, though synthpop and all the various incarnations of techno are fun too. while my musical tastes are rather eclectic, i do like a little of just about every genre (the primary exception being country-western). I am quite the film buff, though i prefer independent, art, and foreign films to the majority of film that comes out of Hollywood. I am also something of an artist, though i have not produced anything incredibly interesting - i will be certain to post it if and when i do.

Nonetheless, I can usually be found idling on EFnet "beleth" - and i am on most of the major instant messenger programs. Feel free to message me, I will eventually respond.

- beleth/james

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