Nadia: An Odyssey

hey. it's me.

i live in LA these days. i've moved a lot recently.

i'm an actor (and a musician), among other things. hence why i'm here. i'm on a leave of absence from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and attempting admission into UCLA's film school.

besides my internship and classes, i've been watchin a lot of "smut" tv recently. as in, daytime TV. i love judge judy. i used to think she was such a ho. "YOU, YER STUPID, SHUDDUP!" but i think it's fuckin great. i find most court tv fascinating. that and jerry springer. i'm writing my own screenplay and composing some new songs on my guitar (i have a few gigs out here in LA). i've been spending a lot of solo time. i don't know many people out here yet. if ya ever want my theories on the popularity of smut tv, i'd be happy to email you my 20 page final paper for my TV class at NYU. it's entitled "SMUT TV- (Sex with My Uncle Tonight?)"

malcom mcdowell is brilliant
stephen dorff is horribly underappreciated

and my video picks of the week are:
pulp fiction
clockwork orange
she's so lovely

		"they can call me crazy if i fail...
		 all the chance that i need
		 is one in a million
	 	 and they can call me brilliant
		 if i succeed
		 gravity is nothing to me
		 moving at the speed of sound
		 just gonna get my feet wet
		 until i drown."
				-ani difranco

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