batty bitch biography: an introduction to colorful metaphors.

hi. i'm supposed to write something about myself so you can stalk me and ask for gratutitous sex. you got the right idea. i am the Lilith, Raper of Sins. worship me and lick my lace leather boots, asshole. god anal fucked adam's bitch and came back for more because i said so. before me, only cum licking sods squirmed the ground, cocknobbers dreamed of touching lava lips, and fucked themselves over to touch the bowl i piss in. heaven is my tampon and hell shits itself over to masturbate over a silted bong for my hit. i eat dead fetuses for breakfast while straddling your wife with a metal dildo. i suck men drier than the Sahara and leave them incapacitated for the morning. your best friend was a good ten minute tit but i liked how his dick looked on my wall. you won't even last as long. you hold on to nipple rings because you can't fuck me any harder than your dad.

scared? 180lbs of curvy raw physique makes you piss past redemption with steel eyed amber defecating in your pants. can you feel the claws ripping your spine out? oh wait; you don't have a spine. fuck chance of a chicken anal raping your ass. and you think to yourself, "nobody since jesus fucked harder with a cross."

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