Mr. Frost

Like the movie.. no one knows his true identity, no record of his birth... By all rights, this person does not exist... but the irc says otherwise...

No really..

My real name is Andrew Shepherd... people have given me the nickname Shep, which I use on other various BBSs and other things.. yadda yadda

Height: 6'4

Weight: 200 (on a good day, more when I lived with my mom who could cook... oh boy could she...)

Eyes: 2.. both steel/concrete blue/grey

Hair: Long... Auburn.. occasionally blue-black

Noticable scars: uhmmm yes.

Lemme see... people who have had the unfortunate experience of meeting me, or whatever.. :

Aelf: Uhmm the Elf and I go way back.. he and I have been through more crap together than..( uhmm.. wow it's light out..) uhmm the average septic tank cleaner.. (and that's a bunch)..

Fuguee: One of the first people I met from the IRC (that I didn't already know prior)... lousy card player.. hehehe

Betsie: a living nuclear bomb... more energy between her and her frind Danni than humans should be allowed... keeeeerist

Priest: Hehehehehehe he actually came up here to Toronto... (that's a hint folks... visit dammit!!!!!!) between the both of us, we created more hassles at restaurants much to the dismay of the others with us...

I have lived in Toronto and surrounding areas all my life..(which is an awfully long time) and have visited various places.. such as Florida, New York and England... I have two cats.. Maya and Vesta.. both love the keyboard and well, you might occasionally see stuff online from them.. Music.. music is my life.. right next to video. I really wish I knew what else to say, but, if you want to know more, then.. just ask me on the irc..

till then..

Live to the limit, listen to your heart don't let life leave you standing in the dark. Luck may fade away, but the spirit never dies it's all in the game.. keep the fire in your eyes.

Frost (September 5, 1996)

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