The Epiphany

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as told by Takhisis:

What Are Little Grrls Made Of?

Sugar and ginger and flashes of fire,
Childhood and wisdom and wit and desire,
Soul like a gemstone crowning the spire,
That's what little grrl is made of.

Strength that is constant and weathers the flame,
Truth that is deep and as right as your name,
Smile that invites you to play in the game,
That's what little grrl is made of.

Love for an angel who cherishes dear,
Compassion for brother who's needing an ear,
Refuge for friends who see harm drawing near,
That's what little grrl is made of.

A sister, a playmate, a partner, a friend,
A confidante-debutante-abberrant blend,
The eternal treasure we'd die to defend,
That's the little grrl that I love.

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