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Ok Iím going to do the run-of-the-mill-i-like-this-and-that format bio because I am bored and am feeling uncreative. I should get to writing another soon but for now this will have to do.



Name: Grey_mist

Age: 19

Birthday: 12-23-79

Height: 6ft

Weight: 170lb

Hair color: Changing Ö at the moment itís light blue

Eye color: Also changing Ö usually light blue, light green, grey, or any mix therein

The other usual stuff:

Coat of choice: Black trenchcoat

College: Perimeter college

Major: Computer Science

Minor: music

Favorite foods: ANY! I love food especially meat but Iím not a devout carnivore. I love oriental foods also.

Favorite Bands: Dream theater, Megadeth, just about anything.

Marital status: single Ö for the moment.

Profound thought of the moment: Momma used to say "always put your best foot forward." but when I did I was hit by an oncoming bus


Sports (only playing, I hate watching sports): Fencing, Biking, Baseball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, and Football.

Writing music

Listening to music



Computer art New


Video Games (Iím not going to list the extent of this category)

Computers (duh!)


Weapons collecting

Contents of right front pocket: organizer, one black pilot pen, and a comb (bet you wanted to know that)

Favorite color: Blue and black

Favorite bumper sticker: "Driver is not responsible for objects thrown from window"

Battle cry: "Iíll drop you like a sack of dirty chicken"

Favorite Soda: Cherry coke

Favorite coffee: white hot chocolate deluxe <Low_Tek has the right idea>

Favorite alcoholic beverage: "I dunno but itís green" Ė new yearís 98í

Cigarette of choice: Marlboro reds(cowboy killers), but starting to like splash cloves as well

Pipe tobacco of choice: Wilchire

Thatís about all if I think of any more Iíll have my profile updated. Fare thee well and may you live to have sex some other day.

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