Hello all,

You may have noticed my presence on the channel, but I never do or say much. My fellow denizens have labeled me ranging from Scholar to a Sociopath (ed. note: don't forget "spanky"). In reality however, I'm simply just a quiet young man from Chicago who has a tendency to keep to himself.

Here's a brief paragraph from one of my favorite short stories I'd like to share with all of you...

As my brain began to clear, and the confusion into which I had been thrown resolved itself, a feeling of resentment grew apace-a keen anger at the interference of Hilaire. Unheedful whether or not he had rescued me from dire physical and spiritual perils, I lamented the beautiful dream of which he had deprived me. The kisses of Nycea burned softly in my memory, an I knew that whatever she was, woman or demon or serpent, there was no one in all the world who could ever arouse in me the same love and the same delight. I took care, however, to conceal my feelings from Hiliare, realizing that a betrayal of such emotions would merely lead him to look upon me as a soul that was lost beyond all redemption.

Smith, Clark Ashton. "The End of the Story" Weird Tales May 1930

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