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Having already disassembled my personal web page since it was hopelessly outdated, I had a peek at my #alt.v dissertation and, while all the sentiments previously expressed therein still hold true, determined that it too needed a face lift.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been around the channel since ’94 or ’95, I can never remember which. My Internet account was established in September of 1994 (according to my ISP) and my best recollection is that I was on IRC within a couple of months, once I figured out how to GET there. Credit Sableagle with explaining exactly what IRC was in an e-mail response to a newsgroup posting I made and credit Priest with taking me under his wing and mentoring me through the treacherous waters of #alt.vampyres.

A little about myself… I am thrice divorced and am semi-involved in a fairly new relationship that doesn’t really have a ”future” but is still nonetheless pretty much fun, most of the time. I have one child, a daughter, who is moderately disabled and will therefore be a permanent parcel in the various baggage I’ll carry through what’s left of life. A voracious reader, my literary taste runs to what is euphemistically referred to as trash (fantasy, horror, science fiction), for which I don’t apologize and I usually read two or three books simultaneously. Pack rat/slob/procrastinator by nature, my house is floor to ceiling books, boxes and miscellaneous other detritus that I can’t seem to make myself organize or part with.

Currently, I am employed by a Caterpillar heavy equipment dealer and am partners with Ericah in a small consulting business called TDB (since we were reluctant to open a checking account in the true name of Two Dumb Bitches). Unfortunately, neither of us has adequate time to nurture our fledgling venture and she is mired in neglect due to our (my?) inattention. Mea culpa, Eri… I’ll get it together one day, I swear.

That’s it - me in a nutshell. And how boring… (heavy sigh)

Kitsune 98/3/11

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