dOwner hAus

Given the fact that it's 5:28am and I (of course) am not even close to being tired, I shall write a few words for the wonderful home Artemis has setup for us...

I currently am an apprentice of evil... a student of the dark side... yes it's true, for I am a Computer Science major at the University of Rochester. My goal in life is world domination, but I guess I'll settle for being a RaWk sTaH or a game programmer :p I'm also a movie freak... I worship at the great altar of Neil Gaiman, and have been known to play a certain crazy Scottish Vampire in the LARP(s) that I storytell (MaLkAvs ReWLllLL!@# Wait, uh, did I say that? hehe, silly mort- I mean fools, there's no such thing as vampires! HA! I have NO idea what you're talking about! You must be one of those silly gothic people, those freaks who dress in black and stuff... vampires, preposterous! BAH!)... Ahem, anyways...

Music and computers are pretty much my life... and being a geek has been the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me. Along with having complete mastery in the art of slacking, I am actually one of the original denizens/founder types of this lovely channel... but my life of caffeine-induced dazes in which I spend most of that buzz programming has dragged me away from the place I once used to frequent (to use the term mildly, more like my existence focused around this damn place!@#)

Greets go out to my loving vixen Ericah, Aery, Artie, Fantasm, Emrys, Josephe, Desnoirs, Marius, MlleFoo, Bowyn, Shroud, and the other fine denizens of this er... interesting... channel. I thank you for being such wonderful people.

Alas, I have no KeWL poetry to share as I gave up writing many years ago (actually right around the same time this channel was formed)... but I shall leave you with a quote from the best band to ever grace our pitiful existence...

    "I choose to live and to
    Lie, kill and give and to
    Die, learn and love and to
    Do what it takes to step through."
    -Tool, "Forty-Six & Two"

And to all of you Californians... in the immortal words of Maynard James Keenan... "Learn to swim!"

Say goo'nigh' Gracie... yours in wackiness...


ps - that wreck of a room in the above picture is NOT mine, it's my friend Dave's... it was his kewl ass color QuickCam that I took the B&W pic on... besides, I would NEVER be caught dead with that jacket on the bed...

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