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Well I figured that I would write something new about myself since the old bio has been up for quite a while.

I've been in the channel for roughly a year and half now to two years, including the countless times I would stop in asking if anyone knew where ToRRY was and end up just watching a conversation. Although with his life as busy as it is now, it seems I'm in the channel more than he is and people tend to ask me where he is from day to day. Irony eh?

So what does an unemployed non-student computer geek do with his life you ask? Well, I live it the best way I know how and then I write about it. I have a website that I've maintained since late August of 98. It started out by me making some snazzy graphics and slapped it together with some shoddy html code I spewed forth in notepad and called it my personal website, even though that's an oxymoron in itself. At first my page consisted of nothing but a links section and pictures of gatherings and parties I had been to. One day shortly after it's creation, I had an extremely shitty weekend and decided to write about it just so I could feel better about the whole thing. Kind of like going to confession, except it was on the internet where everyone, but you is the priest. Sure enough, letting out that steam made me level out my thoughts. A couple of weeks later I wrote again. Ever since then I've been writing about my life in all it's gory simplistic detail for all to read. As the month's passed, more and more people got a hold of my addy and became weekly readers. Somehow, people find my life interesting, although it isn't much different from anyone else's. It kind of makes me worried when someone says that they lead a boring life, which may or may not be true. One thing I've learned since I started writing, is that EVERYONE's life is interesting in its own uniqueness, most just don't know how to word it. If you think about it though, how many times has a friend come up to you and asked 'So, what'd you do all week?' And you have responded with, 'Oh, nothing.' There's always something happening in your life, most people just don't take the time to realize that something interesting has/is happened/happening. Then again, most people are terrified at how open I am about myself and my life on my page. Oh well. *shrug*

Outcast is my current roommate and one of best friends. That's probably why you see him in the channel whenever I'm online. He has been there with me at every party, hang-out, and weekends where I had absolutely nothing to do but sit and stare at my monitor for almost 3 years now. We've always been up front with eachother over the years about anything that was bothering us. And the times that we weren't, we apologized for it. One day he tells me that the shit has hit the fan in his personal life. When I asked what happened, he basically told me that his family relations were just a couple of notches higher on the 'shit-scale' than mine were. So I rescued him by letting him move in with me. He now resides semi-peacefully in my old computer room. I guess the only problem I have with him now is that he has cash when I don't, and my mom tells him about all her current drug habits while she turns around to face me as a hypocrite and say that smoking cigarettes and doing drugs is sacreligous. 'Yeah mom, your menthols and your rolling papers are here on the kitchen counter right where you left them when you had a hangover last night.' All in all though, Outcast is a guy I can trust with just about any information about myself. There's nothing I wouldn't keep from him. I do admit though, when we hang out together we look like an odd pair of friends. 'Mommy, there's an angry skinhead and a long haired hippie at the door.' Anywho, to fuck with Outcast is to fuck with me. So don't do that.

I like to read and tinker with hardware in my spare time. Most of my books are science fiction speckled with a variety of linux manuals, coding books, and the occasional true computer crime book. I dabble in tarot, but not nearly as much as I'd like to. You could say I was just glad to meet people who did the same at DC98. I'm currently dating a girl I met recently, which I find difficult especially after my last relationship. Right now, I have long black hair which not only attracts attention from both sexes, but also prevents me from getting any kind of important job. When I mentioned to my friends that I'd like to cut it, they mentioned that they would murder me in a slow and painful fashion while I slept if I did any such thing. So long and black it is. My height is in the area around 6'1" to 6'2". I haven't had my height measured in a while. I'm half hispanic and half asian. If you ask specifically, I'll tell you what nationalities I'm made up of. I won't tell you my real name unless I can fully trust you, but I tend to answer to 'Low' more than I do my real name, even in meatbod (cyberpunk term for 'in person'). I like to listen to any form of electronic/techno music, and I do go to the occasional rave. I'm not going to name my favorite group or anything, cause I could go on forever.

I don't dislike too many things, but I'm going to tell you about them anyway. I really hate people who come online to bitch and vent to people they think are listening. I don't like the fact my box won't accept linux as an operating system. I don't like squid, liver, or eggplants. I don't care how you prepare them. I hate big snakes, they creep me out. I hate the fact that I smoke. I also hate it when I'm out of cigarettes. I hate it when people say I have to cut my hair. I hate being called a long haired hippie. I also hate it when people say I resemble Jesus Christ. I hate cheesy music that through some miracle of gawd, makes it big. I hate being used. I hate being lied to. I hate making bad friends. I hate making good friends who disappear. I also hate people who try too hard to be my friend. Last but not least, I hate finding out a woman I'm interested in can barely turn on a computer on a good day.

That pretty much sums me up in half a nutshell. If your curious to learn more about me (and you probably are if you wasted all of your time reading this) go to my website and tell me what you think.

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