And here it goes once more. It was inevitable that I would write up a new bio, those some people thought they might see it earlier. I had a tendancy of changing it as much as one would change their underwear, or so e would hope. :) Really there isn't much to say that already hasn't been said. I've been here for one of the longer times. I believe there are 4 others who still show up whom have been here longer or the same amount of time as I. I try to pop on as much as I can, but my hatred of irc clients and the longing for a decent shell account have kept me from being on as much as I would like.

So you might be wondering at this point, "If you have nothing new to say, then why change your bio?" Here, my fine fanged friends is where I throw out the curve. Some of you may already know this being that I broadcasted it on the channel right before it happened, but just in case you missed it, I have moved from NYC to Madison, Wisconsin. Now the words, "For the LOVE of all things DARK and that go bump in the night...WHY MAN???", may fly across your mind at this moment. The answer is simple: my fiancee would benefit from this move, and I may keep what is left of my sanity that NYC was so kind as to try to tear away from me at a slow agonizing rate. So, for love and to recharge my batteries is why I am in the land of cheese and beer.

Other than that I am still the same old guy trying to get by with a smile and a cynical view of the world. Until later, this is Morpheus_, Askelon_, Joe, signing off.

***signoff Askelon_(poof)

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