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Date: Sunday, June 22 1997 00:51:22 EST
From: NiteLite
To: anybody@theworld.andallotherplacesofbeing.fantasy/reality
Subject: Something a little more recent from me . . .

Dear everyone and anyone who feels possessed to read something about me, *smile*

Well I guess I'm feeling kind of obligated to write something new considering my old bio was from over a year ago, and was talking about things far even past that. Okay, me? I've been a part of #alt.vampyres for a very long time, very long time . . . thanks to K- who has apologized or asked for apology for leaving you with me. When was that? well if I remember correctly is was in March of '95, so I've been a part of #alt.vampyres for over three years. And being the wonderful people they are, and at that time having the use of Phelan (my first irc love . . . our long lost bot) they had lots of fun with me. Not only was I a 'newbie' but I had almost no interest in vampyres what so ever. Not opposed in any way to the idea, but just mainly clueless. Also at this point I was a newbie on a shell account with no clue and so I had my /SET NOVICE ON, (which to those who still don't know much about shell accounts means that you can only be in one channel at once, try and join a new channel and it leaves the one you were previously in). So because I didn't want to leave them and have nobody to talk to and just be new again somewhere else I was stuck with them, or rather they were stuck with me for three months straight, (until I learned the wonderful command /SET NOVICE OFF . . . most useful :))

In all this time there has grown a very very very very very very very large sentimental spot in my heart for the channel and all its various occupants, some who are from forever ago, some who are reletively new, some who go, and some who stay awhile. It's probably because of them that I can't ever fully be at peace without my internet connection . . . though belive me I've cut back. Now I wander in and our from time to time during the day and stay a couple hours when it pleases me, before I was on at least 5 hours straight everyday, usually 10 . . . don't bother asking when I slept, I pretty much didn't.

Okay, so I'm attached sentimentally and I've been coming here for way to long, don't I have anything worthwhile to say? Yeah I guess I do, if you're the type who might come through the channel asking "Age/Sex/Location Check?" Well here is my answer for you: guess/how rude/far from reality. If you want more than that, well you'll have to come get to know me, I don't answer generic questions or give generic information.

People and alt.vampyres . . . well I've met a great deal of people from alt.v. Mainly at Dragon*Con last year and some various other places. I love so many people from alt.v but I there are a couple who definitely stand out (not to say those I forget aren't completely wonderful, I'm just not awake enough to remember you right now, sowwe and *hugglez*) . . . K-, who I mentioned before is not only the person who brought me to #alt.vampyres (which most of the time I think is wonderful, except when I'm not thinking they're wonderful, for various reasons), she is not only that person but my very bestest friend in all the world, and she means that and more to me. I love you girlie! Then there is my euro . . . yes my euro, no he isn't taken cause he hates that but he is my euro, and I love him. We may be completely different people, but I still love him with all my heart, if you have any doubts on the different people part you can go view his bio (when he hasn't torn it down cause he can't decide what he wants up, very indecisive about bios) Euronymous, I love you, and yes, you know that ;p I'll say it again and again anyways. (helovesmehelovesmehelovesme, I know somebody'll get a smile out of that *grin*) Next is artemis, she's the sweetest of the sweet, when she wants to be and I love her for it, plus she gave me a purple crystal, and her "nini, sweet dreams" . . . she's one of the best too. Bowyn, well bowie-baby deffinetly deserves some recognition as well, he listens to all my babblings and whining and is generally a wonderful and caring person, and I love him for it, and his southern gentlemanlyness as well. *hugs* to ya's silly sweetie. To all those I'm not remembering, again, apologizes.

Well I that's all for now, hope that gives you some of an idea of whatever you were looking for. Thanks for listening to the rambling or babbling or whichever, I tried my best.


p.s. just a little extra, not only did I have little or almost no interest in vampires and stayed simply because the people in alt.v are wonderful . . . I'm also not the goth you might think to find in such a place, in fact I'm probably the most opposite . . . if any thing fits it's 'hippie', so sue me, I love just about everybody until they give me good reason not too. I'm a hippie princess and highly proud of it . . . xoxoxox.

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