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as told by |Ginger|

Yo, Wuddup BITCH?!@# Lemme tell ya'll something about Outieboy ovah hea' He is the Mack Daddy of all mothuh fuquah's in the Atlanta ghetto. You mess with him, you mess with the mi6 posse, and me: Ginger, Supah Dyke. *flex* OK, seriously...I haven't known Outcast all that long, but he has become a friend. A friend that I care about and would walk to the end of the earth for (OK, honestly..not further than the end of my block. He is cute with a perfect twist of sarcasm and attitude that makes me, a New Yawker proud. Outcast fucking rocks.

as told by Low_Tek

Ahh. Meer words can not describe Outcast. Hand gestures and and the occasional rude look, maybe... Hehehe. Naw, I've known outcast for almost two years now. I met him at a geek party I was at and literally said a total of four words to him for the first 5 hours he was there. Today he's one of my best friends, roommate, and fellow computer geek.

Like myself he is a man of many traits and skills. Punk rocker, Computer Security Enthusiast, Techno weenie, Goth-Industrial fan, Rave Kiddie, Jolt Cola worshipper, Social Engineer, Confidant, and a man of cool hairstyles (when he has hair that is). Outcast and myself may look, sound, feel, and even taste different, but our mentality on life and society in general are virtually the same. There's not one thing I can possibly keep a secret from Outcast. I can tell him just about anything and he'll give me his honest to gawd opinion on it.

For those of you who don't know him because he's new, talk to the fewl. He tends to live up to his handle in a new environment, especially alt.vampyres. If you want to talk to me and I'm not around, Outtie is the perfect substitute. He almost never turns down a cry for help or a plea for someone who needs someone to talk to... almost.

But all in all, Outcast is a friend I can trust to help me pee when I'm too drunk. Hell, he's the only other person I'll trust to take good pics with my digital camera, and believe me that's saying a LOT.

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