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It's all Succubyss's fault. She's making me share my poetry.


The grey man walked down the beach, echos of the laughter of children played through his mind. The waves wash away the tiny footprints in the sand. At the edge of the shore, shells go ungathered and castles lie unbuilt. The sun glows dim and red far on the horizon. The grey man's footprints leave less of a mark with every step, before being washed away forever. The grey man looks up and sees a woman far down the shore. Someone he might once have loved, but with the hurt can't bear to love once more. The Moon stares down mockingly at the grey man. "My party is just starting!" the Moon mocks. "See the stars join me as I frolic in the sky, as you tread upon the Earth, no companion but the sand." The grey man looks to the Moon, and sees his party start. He looks away, he can no longer bear to watch. The grey man now runs, to a destination unknown. The grey man falls, feeling the cool embrace of the damp earth, he knows he won't be alone anymore.

heh, either I'm sorry, or you're welcome. Anyway, I'm just in a funny mood today, don't make me send in my poem about nutrasweet (;

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