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channel history

theres a weird story about how i ended up on the channel. i rode marta to dragon con 98 with benares, whos been a friend of mine for awhile. the original plan was that id be sleeping at the georgia state dorms with a few of my friend who are living there. however, there were no solid plans when i first got to con, and i didnt wanna carry my clothes and stuff around all day till i figured out where i was staying. benares said i could keep my stuff in his room and get it later when i needed it. as the day rolled on, i wasnt able to get in touch with my dorm friends, so when i went to the westin room later to change my clothes for the crystal method concert, benares said i could just sleep in there if i needed to. after the show, i went back to the westin room and askelon was coming out as i came in. he let me into the room to get some stuff, but the only one in there was kashi and she was asleep. i wanted to know where everyone else was, so askelon took me to the hyatt room. there, i met everyone.

other info


    pixivixen, mistress of spank, spanktress, spam, chicken chow mein.

real name:




people on channel i talk to frequently/know personally:

    moon angel, torry, lowtek, benares, grey mist, shadowlord, niteshade, artie, darkraven, ryssa, erik (cant remember his handle), and theres prolly more, but i cant think right now.

relationship status:

    Single and loving it = )*

dream car:

    98 volkswagen bug...silver...manual transmission.

car i own:

    1987 caddilac cimmaron...silvery mauveish brown.

all time fave band:

    they might be gaints (i have been blissfully blessed. i have shaken hands with john flansburgh and have finally seen them live after they have been my favorite band for several years.)

other fave music:

    radiohead, violent femmes, moxy fruvous, barenaked ladies, the rentals, matthew sweet, pizzicato 5, stereolab, omd, beasties, underworld, BT, fatboy slim, deee lite, bjork, garbage, tori amos, kenickie, david bowie, the cure, pre melon collie smashing pumpkins, kansas, ultra lounge compilations, louis prima, Jump Little Children, Paul Oakenfold, and Soul Coughing...god, i could go on forever. i just love everything but country and rap.

fave movies:

    kids in the hall brain candy, the fifth element, benny and joon, tank girl, pulp fiction, jackie brown, resivior dogs, the game, trainspotting, the professional, all monty python, MST3K, fear and loathing, the breakfast club, the labrynth, weird sience, princess bride, starship troopers, mars attacks, the crow, goodwill hunting, clerks, mallrats, chasing amy, anime...just a few favorites. i basically like anything thats not too nauseatingly romantic, sexually explicit, or badly acted, has a good twisted plot, not too happy of an ending, blood guts and violence, and if its driected by kevin smith, quentin, tim burton, or luc besson im almoast gaurenteed to love it.

fave actors:

    johnny depp, david duchovney, robin williams, kenneth brannaugh to name a few.

fave actresses:

    milla jovovitch, minnie driver, uma thurman to name a few.


    CARTOONS!!! space ghost, dexter, johnny bravo, south park, speed racer, secret squirrel, danger mouse, doug, rugrats, ren and stimpy (powdered toast man and the royal canadian kilted yaksmen) cow and chicken, the tick, earthworm jim, animaniacs (before pinky and the brain went indie), daria, aeon flux, the list goes on. as far as other tv, i would be totally happy for the rest of my life if the only tv stations i ever got were cartoon network, si-fi (mst3k), comedy central (kids in the hall, ab fab, hell, everything on that station rocks...), mtv four years ago so i would be able to watch the state, the maxx, and aeon flux all in a row every nite, mtv2 so i could actually see a video every now and again, and fox/fx for the x-files reruns.

other hobbies:

    i like comic books: my favorite is the maxx-i have been collecting it for about four years and have finally managed to get every issue ever made plus a bunch of othe rlaated paraphernalia. other than that, i love the tick, gambit, tank girl, johnny the homicidal maniac, squee, strangers in paradise, bone, sandman, etc. i also love the books in the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy series. i like to play the drums. i think im getting good, but i can handle criticism. i also like the vibraphones and the accordian. i love playstation, nintendo, and super nintendo because lets face it - they have the best video rpgs and puzzle games out there. i love the final fantasy series and most of the other square soft releases. some of my favorite puzzle hames are tetris, tetris attack, warios woods, and the whole bubble bobble series. so far the only pc game ive been able to like is the neverhood. i also enjoy art. my favorite artists are mc escher, brian froud, and salvador dali. im currently attending the art institute of atlanta to get an associates in computer animation (i decided against the video production rout). after that i will transfer to georgia state where i will get a bachelors in music industry and minor in journalism. i hope one day to try several different things before deciding on my lifes path. i wanna try and either play the vibes in a band or learn to spin techno. id like to be a movie critic too. if the music thing doesnt work out, i may try just being a record producer or something. i may work on video games with the comp animation background i will have. who knows. i like having choices. i like rollerblading but i havent done it in ages. other than that, in my spare time, i enjoy being in the company of good friends.

stuff i really hate:

    leonardo dicaprio, sandra bullok, and other hollywood sellouts who cant act but get paid to look pretty and play the same role in every movie, chick flicks and romance movies, just plain bad actors (kevin costner, keanu reeves, etc.), sitcoms, people who are not competant enough to come up with an interesting personality for themselvs, singers who whine and dont use real instruments in their music, sappy love songs, gangster rap, country, studio concocted bands and groups, bands who sound just like everyone else and dare to call themselvs "new", politics, logic, conformity, the military, the government, stupid people, nintendo 64, commercials, talk shows, mtv, cheesey teeny-bopper "horror" movies, and dogs.

favorite quotes:

    "its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done..." -orbital

    "dont expect anything but nasty irritation from anyone you didnt create" -JTHM

    "should you worry when the skullhead is in fromt of you, or is it worse because its always waiting where your eyes dont go..." -TMBG

    "F*CKING F*CK!!!" -rose mcgowan (doom generation)

    "the shows in my mind are almoast always better..." -the maxx (issue #1)

    "youre not going crazy...youre going sane in a crazy world..." -the tick

    "welcome to the bryan street theater! have a fruit roll up!...arent you gonna eat it?? oh, for christ's sake!" -barenaked ladies

    "Should you worry when the skullhead is in front of you, or is it worse because its always waiting where your eyes dont go..." -- TMBG

    "As soon as you're born, you start you might as well have a good time." --Cake

ok. thats enough.

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