I may have vanished for awhile, but the electronics never shut off. I wrote this one-day, while all alone and depressed. It was then that I realized how much of my life I'd left behind, and just how much I should take back. Thus the return of the infamous Plick to alt.vampyres.

We all know the history: brought here by Cathari, found a brother in Marius/Aesthetic (but always known to me as John), created real life friendships with Ginger/Epiphonic, Kashie/(whatever she's calling herself these days), Euro, Nitie, and of course all the women that loaned me their clothes at Dragon*Con. Then in the fall of 1997 I began sending emails less frequently, I very rarely came into the channel, and people started to wonder where I'd gone.

No I did not die. People would think that considering this is a channel of vampyres. HAHAHAHAHA. I met Judy. All I knew of this woman was that she was older than me, the editor of our campus literary magazine, the mother of two children, married, and bi. I'd later learn she hated guys that smoked, was slowly moving away from her husband, had a sex drive that would make many porn stars look frigid, and that she was incredibly talented and intelligent. How could I resist such a woman? How could anyone? Judy and I began simply - we slept together when we could, where we could (offices in the student union building, her parked car, her bed while her husband was at class) and we spent as much time together as possible. This courtship came to fruition when she and her husband officially split in December after three years of planning. Living in her own apartment, Judy asked me to spend many nights with her. This lead to our eventual living arrangement - together.

We lived in Jersey City, the second most slimy city in New Jersey. Just ask John or Euro, they know. It was about this same time that I walked out of the grocery store I'd worked in forever and never turned back. You all remember that place right? ShitWrong, or whatever I called it when I spoke of it. Within three weeks I landed the glamorous job of Mailroom Assistant for an independent music publicity firm in Brooklyn. Work and my life with Judy kept me busy. It still does, like it or not I am somewhat of a parent to two children, Alexander - 6, Elisabeth - 4.

From Jersey City we moved to Montclair, a beautiful artistic town in New Jersey. Say you're from Montclair to anyone in NJ and you cause people's eyebrows to raise. I checked in from time to time just so everyone knew I was alive.

In February 1999 I finally began life in the adult world. I began working as a music publicist. While I may not work for NIN (though I did have an interview with his pr firm) or KMFDM (I keep emailing Sasha telling him I'd love to work with him) or any of the other bands I used to rant about while on IRC, I do enjoy my work. Everyday I get my artists in the newspaper, in magazines, on TV, on radio. I bump elbows with the media elite, go to shows for free, get my music for free, get paid well, have insurance, and a view of lower Manhattan. What else could anyone ask for?

But here I am today, alone (Judy took a vacation to visit a friend in Iceland) and realizing that I've lost touch with my friends. So it's time to go back. And that's why I wrote this. To show that after many years of chaos and silence, I'm about to come back. I may not be in the room every night, or even every week. But I'll show my face a little more.

I guess I've said enough. So strike my name from the So Long list in the 1998 awards, and put me in the 1999 awards for longest most annoying bio. But hey, since everyone asks, "What have you been up to," I figured I should say it once, and let you know.

Oh and if you want to communicate with me now, it's better to use The official work email! Who'd have thought I'd have a work email, or notepads with my name on them, or business cards for that matter. Didn't my last bio say something about me as a slacker? Or was that my imagination?

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