skin and bones

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so i'm sitting around one day and i decide to be egotistical for a bit and do a web search for my nick. and i turn up a bunch of sites about some chick with a bunch of cats and a fetish for unicorns (which IS NOT me) and a bunch of sites about some chick who hangs out at alt.v and has a really huge website (which IS me). and being egotistical that day (as most days), i decided to go visit them all.

imagine my horror when i stumbled across this bio once again and found a really fuzzy picture from 1995 atop a beautiful tribute written by a guy who has since changed his own #alt.v bio sixteen times (torry). of course, it all had to go - everyone else is changing theirs, and i can't be left behind, now can i?

so here's the new pics, and here's the new bio. and you know, i'm running into the same problem i had last time i tried to write this thing, which is that i have nothing to say. last time i copped out and had someone else write my bio, but i don't think arte will let me get away with that twice in a row. (unless anyone wants to volunteer, in which case you can just mail it to me.)

till then, i really ain't got much to say. there's a link up there to my website, which is incredibly long and detailed but will tell you just about everything you could possibly want to know about me. and if you still can't find it, you could always ask....

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