Syche Sevoul.... Who is he? Well lets start with the name, what does it mean? Syche, I chose this because I have been proven to be Part Psychic, But Mostly Psychotic. As for Sevoul, That's the result of too much alcohol one night at 2:00am...

As for me? Who am I? Well I am not Syche, But Syche is me... and this is what Syche is. Syche is a bitter, hardened asshole... He's a manic depressive, who has a hard time accepting himself... He is also someone you want on your side, Not because he is powerfull but because he never forgive nor forgets...That is Syche.

I'm slowly asimilating Syche into my RL which scares me I prefer to keep him at bay by allowing him to be online only... But then again I also prefer to keep him away from RL as much as possible...

Me, i'm nothing and that's the way I will keep it

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