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I am the Dominant. The Mundane I guess you'd say. I run things around here. I pay the bills, clean the house, cook the meals, work the job. I am the one you talk to most of the time. If it wasn't for me we'd all be in a canvas room somewhere, I'm sure, but nobody appreciates it a bit. They all want this position, think they could do a better job of running life. What do they know? They're all off in their own little worlds, I have to deal with reality. But even if they're irresponsible and loony, I'd like to still have a life. Good thing I'm in control.

I am the Poet, Lorilei. I do the word-crafting out of the colorless ether, shaping and creating to fill the void of this planet. Funny, isn't it, how people make a world so crowded with stuff on the physical plane, and leave the realm of artistry so sparse? This world is a twenty-room mansion with everyone living in the closet, I swear by my ink. But then, if we all had artistic vision, it wouldn't be such a Gift, I suppose.

I'm the Writer. Don't get me confused with that tea-swilling hag up there, I wouldn't touch her angst-prose-crap with a ten foot cattle prod. I hack down the real stuff, the blood and guts and bone splinters to feed your cannibalistic eyes. I'm the one with all the dreams at night, getting eviscerated and raped and burned alive, over and over, so I KNOW what I'm talking about. Any of these other pantywaists would crack after a week, call these dreams Nightmares, but I know how to flow with it. Ride out the pain and wake up and make it your tool, create out of it. Create stories, MEAT, not couplets. When you've spent the night being strangled with your own entrails, while your dead boyfriend scrapes maggots out of his decayed body cavity and stuffs them down your throat, you don't turn that shit into a poem. Trust me on this one. The Dominant may think she holds us together, but she just keeps us out of trouble. I'm the one who keeps us from going completely insane. I can Handle Things.

im the little i dont have a name. i like peple lots i try to be good but it dosnt work much i always do bad things without mening to. so im sad a lot because im always sorry. sometimes i get to come out and see nice things but usually they only bring me out when im bad so i can be punished cuz thats what bad girls get. they say if i get punished enough ill be a good girl again and peple will love me so i try not to cry bout it. i love everyone and i want to be good so theyl love me back. if im here i must have done bad so im sorry im sorry

I am Black Annis, sole Revenger. I am a thing of hard serpent beauty, all dark armor and razor claws. They keep me bound, down in the pits, because I am a thing of Hate. But once in a while, all the swarming screaming tearing hostiles in the world swarm up and beat them down, the whole damn congregation. I could have told them that, fools. The whole world's out to get everyone and if you don't strike back first you get crushed. But when they're all knocked out cold there's nothing to lock me down here and I get to play. I don't play with soft words and ink and pretty feelings like the rest of these bubblegummers. This world only understands pain. Slicing what you mean into your enemy's flesh is sure to get the message across. If they'd let me out of here for more than a split second I'd have a grand old time with these screaming masses who spit on us. Kali reborn, dancing naked on a pile of headless bodies. And nobody, I mean NOBODY, would ever get the chance to hurt us again.

I am the Penitent, sometime Goody Magdalene. I stand Trial for the Errors of my Fellowes, as they have the Misfortune of being borne without an Ounce of common Sense or proper Modesty. I was raised properly, knowing that the Purpose of the Gift of Life is to please all Others and to make their Lives wonderous. My Fellowes run rampant with their selfish Wants and Desires, bent to please Themselves! And then leave the poor Child to bear the Brunt of their Folly, it is criminal. I come when I can to absolve the Child and take her Place. I set Things right by serving the Wants of Others, as a proper Being should. To make Oneself happy is selfish, to make Others happy is right, to make Others happy at the cost of Oneself is the highest sign of Nobility and Goodness.

I'm the Vampyric. Believe in me, or don't, I really don't care. If disbelief was going to make me vanish I'd have been gone a long time ago. You wouldn't believe what it's like living with these nitwits. I mean hell, I love them all but it's like being Alice in Wonderland, you sit down to do a jigsaw and all the pieces jump up and start declaring themselves individual countries and declaring war on each other. Highly surreal. I know they're going to figure it out one of these days, but I'm getting impatient. We've been through three dozen cycles already and I've only been dominant in one of them (and managed to fuck that up, obviously, or we wouldn't BE here). I'm trying to muscle my way forward on this one but the Dominant is being stubbornly mundane. The only one backing me up here is the Writer, she and I share the body a lot. We have the same tastes in leather and piercings. Siamese sisters, almost. Not to sound egotistical or anything, but I really need to get dominant. I'm the only one who's ever going to put us back together again. The Dom is too afraid of what will happen, the Writer gets off on being a screwball, and everyone else thinks we deserve it somehow. Lots of fuckin help, huh? And damn, do I want a cigarette. It's been almost 80 years.

I am Shrike, the Mercenary. Am I the only one having any fun around here? I've been dominant for most of the cycles, but I thought I'd take a vacation this time. Fights are getting too serious, you know. Used to be you could go out and hack it up and win some land, or die clean and hard and hear the songs of glory as they burned your body. But these days it's buttons and pacts and electronic sabotage. Feh! I'll stick to the Old Ways, thank you. I'm the one that knows that life is here to have fun in, and anything worth having is worth earning. The Vampyric and I usually work in tandem on this, since we're the ones trying to live, but she doesn't really know I'm here. It's kind of ironic, but I like it. Despite all the crap flooding around us this time, we're going to make it through. We always survive, and flourish. I make sure of that.

I'm the Suicide, last and least as always. Contrary to what everyone else says, I know we're all screwed. It's not that I don't want us fixed, I know we can't be fixed. Some things are just in too many pieces to glue back together and you've got to accept that. So you throw it away and start over, buy a new one. All we do is sit and fight and wail and cry and try and try to make things better and fail (of course) and then everyone around us Outside says "well you didn't try HARD enough". Well of COURSE not. Our best is NEVER good enough and it never WILL be good enough so we might as well freakin GIVE UP NOW! But does anyone listen to me? Hell no, because I'm right. I agree with the Vampyric, humans are so damn hooked on prolonging the agony for some reason. Nobody will let me out to do what has to be done, even when I get up to dominant they're always yanking on me and holding back the end so the best I can get is a few knife slashes in before they haul me back down. Maybe, just maybe, if I try hard enough I can make someone love us. Love us enough to kill us, finally. Make it stop.

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