I am Tiernan, whose name means Tyranny.

In my darker moods I am a gentle tyranny; a tyranny of the Dream Within for I am Leanhuan Sidhe... a sort of faerie Dark Muse. I thrive on secret dreams and ambitions yet unrealized, of love ungiven and passions unspent for I thrive on the turbulent emotions within the humankin unfortunate enough to merit my interest. Here, in the worlds inhabited by other denizens of the darkness I dwell with equals, friends who are safe from the traps I set. One or two have even braved the touch of mind with me and remained sane enough to tell the tale.

No names, though. I have promised my secrets to keep.

Catch me on a brighter day, however, and I am my Ingonyama's Lady of the Dance, harmless as a kitten and disposed to kindness. I am not Tyranny then, but Mistress of the Wild Hunt; a tyrant only to those who would harm my Kin (Linz, Kitsune, Omnedon, Artemis, Yakko... and a few who would prefer I do not delurk them as Kin to me, but You Know Who You Are) and my friends, far too numerous to name here.

How do you tell the difference? Ah... now there is the adventure!

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