The Vampirecoyote's Den

I have no clue what to write here, at past midnight, so I'm just scribbling SOMETHING down in the hopes of stumbling accidentally across profundity. Or something. This is my newest picture, taken in May of 1997 if you care to know. As for ME... well, I'm obviously female.. on the younger side of 25 but old enough to drink if I so choose, and I like to think of myself as a poet. Whether this is true or just a delusion, time will have to tell. If you want to know my likes and dislikes: I love vampires, coyotes, and a good read. Plus people with personality, and chances to sharpen my wits against childish idiots, which is why I perhaps like the 'net so much. I hate the aforementioned childish idiots, except as target practice, biggots of any kind, liars, and that indefinable void which sucks up your socks from the washer/dryer, and that pen that you were JUST going to grab to write down that important phone number...

Any more questions, and you're just going to have to email me. so :P

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