"let them suck until their mouths are sore"

i figured it was a neat opening quote to the insight of my what about me? me...*I*...*I* was the girl that sat in class while the teacher passed around the quote of the day paper and wrote "it's too big it won't fit", i was the girl that regrettingly dyed her hair black freshman year, that girl that smoked weed, not because she wanted to fit in or because she wanted to get high, but because there was just nothing else to do in life at age 16. i was the pathetic one that ran away because she got caught playing hooky. i was the alcaholic at age 15...i was the one that was so naive as to believe someone who told her they loved her. so what came of that girl? well, i could sit here and tell you that i've matured into an emotionally and mentally stable young woman. but i won't lie to you. i'm not insane, i don't snort shit up my nose to make my problems go away and i sure as hell don't want to kill myself. i just feel that everyone has their imperfections and there isn't one soul on gawd's green earth that is completely and utterly satisfied with their mental status and if anyone tells you that, they're lying. did you ever just sit and listen to someone talk and realize that 75% of what they were saying was pure shit...pulled right out of their ass. i hate that...

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