"This is my freakin' apartment, not a library."

as told by Takhisis:

The world never noticed when the FireCat arrived, not because she snuck, no. FireCat strode proud and lithe, but the world was just too preoccupied to notice until it felt the first burning footprints up its back. And at that point, there was nothing to say.

"Don't mind me," FireCat purred, "I'll just let myself in."

FireCat was just what she was: a vixen aflame with the power of creation, wire-wrapped in in pure YES and leaving footprints like jellied gasoline on those too careless to look around at life.

"I don't understand," the people whimpered. "Where is your act, where is your mask?"

"I am FireCat!" she laughed at their confusion. "When does a cat wear a mask? Don't you read Kipling?" And she went back to shaping the world with her delicate coal-glowing paws.

"Stop stop! Do not change the Way Things Are, we have grown comfortable in our ways!" The people moaned and wrung their hands as if to wash her away. FireCat smiled and twitched her flaming tail.

"But it needs to be changed, and a Cat will never settle for less than purrfection." She licked a dab of mud off her paw and went back to Making Things Right. The people wept, because they refused to see the Wrongness of things, and were afraid of Lady Change and her children (Evolution, Discovery, Risk, and Truth). But the FireCat purred at the Lady's hearth many a time, and was proud to do her work.

"When did this happen?" The children ask me. "What did she change?"

It is still happening, kitlings. The Change is all around you if you stop from your toils to look. And look you should, lest you feel a pawprint on your back and FireCat passes you by before you can learn from her.

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