I'm just kinda here. If I'm not here, I'll be here soon enough.

I've been here forever. I don't know quite how long, but I've been described as someone who was here since 1994 when people don't think we even started until 1995. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but suffice to say I've been here a long time.

I live in the town governed by the Prozac Rat and go to one of the top-ten preppiest colleges in the country, as decided by such factors as number of student-driven BMWs on campus. I don't fit in. I don't even have a car, nor do I want one. I will be gone in less than a year, thank god.

I'm the eco-freak, the vegan boy who actually bothers to weed through the trash and take out all the recyclable materials and spends twice as much for the organic foods and the stuff in "ecologically-safe" packaging and who rides his bike everywhere because he can't stand cars. I hate cars for other reasons too.

I seem to have the inate ability to remember all sorts of useless information. This does me no good at all, and the only use I've found for it is in playing trivia. It is highly reccomended that you don't play trivia with me if you're looking for an ego boost.

I don't know what I'm doing here and I'm content with that.

I hate misused apostrophe's, like that one.

I think too much.

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