Dragon*Con Quotes

These quotes were compiled by NiteLite
(Who was the eternal receiptant of the phrase:

and first put into html by ToRRY

Before the Con at ToRRY's house

"Hay is for horses & sometimes for cows,
but piggies don't eat it cause they don't know how!"
- Nitelite & K-

- Euronymous

- ToRRY's name for K-

"It's Purple!!"
- Nitelite, about her hair

"You don't need a brush!!"
- Euronymous to Nitelite

"Stop talking like that!!"
- All who hear Nitelite and K- talk gibberish

"Your hair looks fine, dammit!!"
- Euronymous to Nitelite
(it has also been commented that Gabriel says the same thing to Kitana-)

"...just look at her! Strutting down and tossing the ball."
- Euronymous about K-

"She is the only one who can lift my ball and use it." -
Lonewolf about K-

- Euronymous about K-

"Lift Up."
- Euronymous to Nitelite

"I was NOT getting my cigarettes!"
- Euronymous
editors note - trust me, you had to be there!

"No, you came home while we were doing Nitelite."
- K- about Nitelite to ToRRY

"K- is the Fruit Integration and Nite's the Grape Beyond."
- ToRRY about Nite and K-'s hair

"I have a Crayola box living with me!"
- ToRRY also about the hair

Dragon*Con Begins ...

"I'll have a Klingon Sandwhich minus the GreenStuff."

"I'll keep my mouth shut so I don't end up on this page."
- Morpheus_

"I didn't say anything dammit!"
- Euronymous

"I Killed The Beast!"
- artemis, after returning from the ice machine

"Morph... My face needs to be fixed again."
- Susi/Rebekkah

"We got Morph in the room with four women in bed."
- Susi/Rebekkah

"No, I did not!"
- Morpheus_

"I jingle!"
- artemis

"What's the password?"
- Everyone inside the room

"Open the fucking door!"
- Euronymous (And from then on, it was)

"I think I could take all three of you."
- Craig about Susi/Rebekkah, artemis, and Kitana

"I come here and try to be nice ..."
- Euronymous

" ... and you're telling ME to behave?"
- Moonwolf

"Foo likes Euro first thing in the morning."
- Moonwolf

"What can I say, I'm the Public Whore."
- Euronymous

"Lee Press-On Appendage."
- Euronymous commenting on being attached to Nitelite

"Well... TAKE IT OFF!"
- Euronymous to Nitelite

"Yeah, your ass is cute, not innocent."
- K- about Morpheus_

"HeLoVeSmE HeLoVeSmE HeLoVeSmE"
- NiteLite

The Terror that Was..

...Shaving Priest's Head

"I'm using the 'one-stroke' method on Priest."
- Bowyn

"Nobody better lick my fuckin' head!"
- Priest

"Go Down."
- NiteLite to Priest while shaving his head

"That's no excuse to cut my goddamn scalp open!"
- Priest

"Priest, you wanna save some of the hair to glue to your chest?"
- Euronymous

And More Babble..

"I don't do that [makes a *slurp* noise] thing."
- Rourke

"Did he get his thing?"
- Euro to IceWulf

"I don't want to get caught cuddling again..."
- Euro

"I'm a fraggle!"
- Morpheus_

"He's my Fuzzy Fraggle!"
- K-

"Fuckin' Fuck-Me!"
- Cathari

"... Cause she puts everything in her mouth."
- ToRRY about Nitelite

"Goony Goo-Goo!"
- Craig & Euro

"We're NOT fucking cute!"
- Euro and Morpheus_

"Whoa, I don't need to."

"Nice Fangs! Where can I get a set of those?"
- Bucky (this guy in the bar) to Moonwolf

"He's sure I'm great, but he doesn't want me to do him."
- ryssa about Euronymous

"I'll do anybody who asks."
- ryssa


"I'm an artiste!"
- Euro
"Euro, having fun?"
- artemis to Euro as he's making excited noises from the bathroom
"Yep, I'm drawing all over myself."
- Euro's reply


"What I meant ... "
- NiteLite to K-

And Then Euro got Drunk

Editor's Note - Credit also goes out to Bowyn for making a total
ass of himself and not leaving Euro to do it all by himself."


"You can't stand."
- NiteLite
"I can lift myself up."
- Euro completely positive another 'him' was going to
come walking across the room and take him where he needed to go.


"Where are the handcuff's?"
- Euronymous

"I like oldies."
- Euro

"Nitelite, even if your pissed off, don't take it out on the toothpaste."
- K- to NiteLite

- Euro

- NiteLite to Euro

"You should spit."
- Morpheus_ to K-

"You know Nite and Morph's quote should be *smooch* *smooch* *smooch*."
- Nitelite, freudian slip when meaning K- instead of Nite.

"I'm not passed out."
- Euro from UNDER the covers

"It needs to come out more Darling..."
- K- to Euronymous

"No teasing him in bed right now."
- artemis to NiteLite

"Do you know what would be good right now? A Chili-Cheese Burger."
- Euro passed out drunk

"My face hurts, does your face hurt?"
- NiteLite to Morpheus_

"You're warm."
- Euro to NiteLite

"You need to know how to have elbow sex."
- Morpheus_ to Nitelite

"I'm not gone!"
- Euro to NiteLite

"Look, I'm drunk and I know what I am talking about."
- a totally serious Euro to artemis

"I fucked the law and I won.."
- Euro trying to sing an oldie

"I was in his pockets!"
- NiteLite

"Did she just kiss me?"
- Euro to artemis about NiteLite

"NiteLite is taking care of Euro."
- artemis to Foo

"Watch this..."
- Foo to artemis ... over the phone.

"I hate all couples!"
- artemis

"I tell you!! A cheese burger would rule."
- Euro


Euro tries in vain to get artemis to get him food ....

"GO WENCH!" - Euro
"No, You Fucking Asshole!" - artemis
"please ....???" - Euro, in a disgustingly cute tone


- Euro, asking if that's what the song said

"OH FUCK ... that hurt!"
- Euro's delayed reaction to hitting his head

"I don't need coffee, I have you."
- K- to NiteLite

Truth or Dare

"You're a skin-head Euro."
- Gabriel to Priest

"No, fuck you, it's my nutty bar."
- Gabriel to NiteLite

"He was white before he went to the damn tanning bed."
- Gabriel about Priest

"eeeeeeew, don't squeeze I'd have to go pee."
- Craig

"Never had the honor of having my weapon fully exposed."
- Craig

"Whoa, where'd that face come from ... I heard two voices then
and I turned around and saw three..."
- Craig


"We're playing with Craig." - Susi/Rebekkah
"Kit, Move." - Euro
"No, I want to play with Craig too!" - Kitana


"...groping accepted."
- Craig

"I'll tweak your nipples too!"
- Euro to Craig

"I'm once again your matress."
- Euro to NiteLite

"And stop snapping my boxers!"
- Euro to NiteLite

"It's 5:30 in the morning and you want me ... to deep throat a CAN???"

"You bastard ... Get your hands off!"
- Susi/Rebekkah to Euro


"Do the Smurf Euro." - Gabriel
"No, I want him to do the Funky Chicken!" - Susi/Rebekkah


"He's going to whip out the big chief, you better be careful!"
- Susi/Rebekkah to Kitana about Craig

"Minty Tongue, Minty Tongue..."
- Craig after crunching down Three Altoids

"Euro WANTS it!"
- Gabriel

"He'll cum/come slowly."
- Craig

"She can keep her shirt on, but we're going to do her anyway."
- Craig about NiteLite

"He just bit my ass and you let him!!"
- Kitana to Gabriel about Craig

"It was a landshark!!"
- Craig in his defense

"What's wrong with my butt?"
- Craig to Kitana

"I wish that had been up 3 minutes ago.."
- Kitana

"Who needs to make LOVE on an elevator? You need to make RABID SEX!"
- Craig

"I'd rather have my ass squished against it."
- Kitana

"What can I say, I'm good with a whip."
- Susi/Rebekkah

"You're feeding Euro?"
- Kitana to Susi/Rebekkah

"Please get them off!!!!!!"
- Morpheus_ after being pounced and purred upon by Nite and K-

"He's tired. He can be had."
- Craig about Morpheus_

"I'm gonna pull a morph!"
- Gabriel

Euro, Nite, K-, and Morph on a walk

"You three get the fuck out of me."
- Euro

"No Nite, that's my job..."
- K- to NiteLite

In The Jackson Room

"Wam bam, thankyou lamb"
- IceWulf about Down

"Rosy paws and her 5 padded sisters."
- IceWulf about Down

"I do not masturbate!!!"
- Spyce

In the Bar ...

"If you put anything in front of his face long enough he'll eat it."
- NiteLite about Euro

"I already went down yesterday!!"
- NiteLite

"You're grounded!"
- Susi/Rebekkah to NiteLite

"Damn that's a big one!"
- Kitana to Phil Nutman


"Pull her legs down real quick!"
- Euro to Morpheus_ about Nite

"Women are the best!"
- Euro

"I'm fugly!"
- Morpheus_

"Poor Euro my ass!!"
- NiteLite

"I'm Nite's Eggo!"
- artemis

"You want me to stay here and you're going down?"
- Euro

"I looked at the bottle, the bottle looked at me.
I looked back at the bottle and the bottle smiled."
- Colossus on the phone with artemis

"Yummy Yummy puts love in my tummy."
- Euro to NiteLite

"Euronymous, get your tongue out of my anal passage."
- Moonwolf to Euro over the phone cause he was kissing up.

"When in doubt, run away."
- Moonwolf

"Can you come into the bathroom with me and let me lift up my
skirt for you?"
- Kitana for Moonwolf

"I miss my icy nipple."

"Oh, she's just too brutal with me."
- Euro to artemis about NiteLite


"She smells like a cookie." - Euro
"So eat her!" - Morpheus_
"Can I dip her in milk or something?" - Euro


"You're such a poser!"
- Euro to K-

"I bet art's a floppy girl. Or do you like a HARD drive? What
about a floppy dick ... errrrr... DISK?"
- Euro to artemis

"Does that mean if I pull the string everything will fall apart?"
- Euro about NiteLite

"He's fun half asleep, you know that."
- K- about Morpheus_

"artemis has to do with trees and trees are kinda green stuff."
- K-

"I don't get seasick!"
- K-

"There's something pointy poking me in my pants!"
- Shdowlord

"Don't make me purr at you!"
- Euro to artemis

"That wasn't too fun having that go in my ear."
- Euro

"poopy head."
- artemis

"I looked so hot in that."
- Euro to artemis

"Are you gonna butter my muffins?"
- Euro to artemis

"I can't sit up with a bear on my chest."
- Nymph

"Maybe I should just shut up."
- Euro and NiteLite at alternating times

"Talk to the hand!"
- Rebekkah to her "little" brother

"I'd do anything to the Hilton."
- Moonwolf

"Oh, Look it's his BUTT!"
- Cathari about a wolf picture

"Fuck, I need a little more leg."
- Cathari

"I can't keep my mouth shut cuz you keep putting your balls in my mouth."
- ToRRY to ryssa

"I offered to do anything he wanted me to do."
- ToRRY about Timothy Bradstreet

"He's a hell of a hot with a bullwhip."
- Nymph

"Oh, stupid FAQer."
- Moonwolf about karafon

"No, it's not going fast enough."
- Shdowlord to Spyce

Alt.V Dinner Party

"No, I'm not playing with my food, I'm playing with my FOO!"
- Moonwolf

"It's a good thing I could pull up in time!"
- K-

"He sets his hand right on my leg!"
- K- about Morpheus_

After Con Quotes - At Kitana and Gabriel's

"I lean the other way with her."
- Kitana about Andre Norton

"Cool, my slave is now a cat toy."
- Nymph about Moonwolf

"She turned me around on my face and went back down."
- Shdowlord

"You want it, you can come to me."
- Kitana to NiteLite

"Do the hippie hippie thing."
- Moonwolf after being tied up by NiteLite

Special special special thanks to ToRRY and NiteLite for their work to put these together

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