Short Summary

as told by artemis and cathari
pictures by ryssa


People slowly but surely all showed up and checked in one way or another. We took over Rooms 1039, 1306, and 1740 with all our shit and make up and alcohol and tobacco. All the makings of a fucked up weekend to be sure. Marius got there early and evidently left a note no one noticed til the next day. Cathari had a bit of a problem finding a ride. Artemis and Rebekkah got tarot read by strange coolio woman in the bar. We got no sleep and listened endlessly to Beavis and Butthead impressions in 1039 all night. Well, wait, Muligan and Cathari got an hour of sleep. Eurohoho does a great Buzzcut: "BUTT-HAID! AH WHEEL FIZZIKLEE KEE-HAUL YEW!" Marius was out attempting to sk0re all night. (Marius was dubbed sk0reb0y due to his valiant and omnipresent attempts to sk0re all weekend.) The Jackson contingent finally shows up at 12:30 am. Squealing and other insanity commences.

Lleldorin trying to look innocent

5:00 am rolled around, and cathari and Muligan went traipsing around Downtown Atlanta in a feverent search for smokes and pepsi (and whatever the fuck Muligan was drinking. . .pina colada something or the other). When Mul and cath got to the block beside the hotel, they ran into Lleldorin and Bowyn, who quickly escorted cathari to a BP station in search of juice for Lleldorin and something for Bowyn. They scoped out the liquor store a block away which opened, to their dismay, at 9:00 am. Muligan arrived back in 1039 with a box of smokes for the sleeping Marius, whowas awoken at all times by a cigarette shoved in his mouth.

Promptly at 9:00, Bowyn and Lleldorin spend $91.00 at the liquor store. They meet some folks from GWAR on the way back and Slymenstra slobbers on one of the liquor bags.


A few more stragglers showed up through the day or night. A lot of checking out the convention. A day of making up or sneering from afar between dueling antagonists. Seventeen flights of stairs. SEVENTEEN. Hey, we're a fucked up channel, what can you expect?

Fucked up Fun: Euro and NiteLite

Priest lost his hair. After we all wandered around and looked at the Dealer's Room and trashed our rooms, the evening set in. Ryssa is the mistress of face painting.

artemis showing off a ryssa rose.

Artemis came forth with the mighty screwdrivers and 1039 threw a wild party where almost everyone went to the hallway instead. A few of us still rocked heavily to Euro-induced music and drank heavily. A little too heavily. Bowyn passed out at some point just like New Years, and artemis and NiteLite took care of Euro's almost passed out butt. Marius drank and disappeared and tried to score still. Alas, he did NOT though. A game of Truth or Dare broke out in 1740. Highlights include snogging, deepthroating Mt. Dew cans, and Craig and the Altoids.

Artemis and Cathari chatted and realized that everyone else were idiots and didn't know what the hell they were talking about. Things are k00l with them.

Crotch-grabbing for auto-ops comes to pass as cathari decides to grab thecrotch of everyone deemed worthy. Euro has a pissfit when she grabs his.


Another evil edition of Truth, Dareh0li0, Break Something Against Your Forehead or Beat the Hell Out of Someone, erupted in 1039. The bar had better food service than the restaurants, and some nice drinks too. Cigarettes cost too damn much though. Goth central. More running around and insanity and intermingling. Morpheus_ got together the mighty forces of the universe to get us all together for a collective dinner.

The Mighty Forces of the Universe at Dinner

We all sat down to a nice overpriced meal and tried to talk over our own loudness. We were so cool we turned non smoking into smoking. Much weirdness that evening. Ug. Bowyn decides that the night stand drawer makes a good ashtray. Dreamydreamydreamy and Austin (the cutest mofo from Chicago) showed up sometime.

Cathari spots Karafon by the elevator and got everyone from 1039 to go out to the elevator and intimidate him. Best responses include:

BOWYN: [refusing to shake his hand] yeah.
LLELDORIN: [also refusing to shake karafon's hand] I know who he is.
MARIUS: [looking dazed] you brought me all the way out here to see THIS?!
ICEWULF: [standing off to the side] don't we have better things to do?

Foo was hunted by moonwolf, which resulted in Cathari, Icewulf, Priest, andFoo running around the hotel like fucking idiots for three hours, freakingevery time moonwolf was even spotted. Stupid children didn't realize they didn't need to worry til later that evening.

Moonwolf, painted by ryssa

There was copious freaking.Cathari found her cat's eye-with-rhinestones shades crushed. She cried.

Ryssa got fangs. Nice fangs. Everyone drooled. Klingons fucking EVERYWHERE. The quote "If I see another fuckin' Klingon, I'm goin' Romulan" originated when Cathari was trapped alone in an elevator withabout six of the fuckers, who proceeded to call her a 'puny human,' to which she replied, "you don't even bother to FAKE a klingon accent. Whatever, d00d,' and split from the elevator on 10.


Time to check out and get together the money. A prank gone too far and a few early departures. Sitting in the bar with no where else better to go. Final make up kissing and farewell kissing and hugging. Lots of quotes from the weekend. Lots of pictures. Lots of fun and weirdness. Everyone slowly but surely got on their planes and busses and cars and went home or close enough with a few scars a few good memories and major sleep deprivation. Breakfast of mixed drinks. Lames O'Barr and Nancy Collins sightings. Moonwolf drags Morpheus_ by the ear to meet Tim Bradstreet. Lots ofpeace being made. One last nibble from moonwolf, who had been biting profusely the whole time.

Suckiest goodbye: Foo and Cathari, who both cried for a solid hour and hugged and shit. Second suckiest goodbye: artemis and Euro, with artemis crying under sunglasses trying to drive her, Rebekkah, moonwolf, and Nymph on the streets of Atlanta in Rebekkah's car and not hit anything while trying to keep her eyes clear.

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