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Dragon*Con is a big science fiction type convention held every year in Atlanta. Last year a shitload of us went to it. This year we didn't have as many, but that meant there were less fights. <gryn>

seeing as how i have a horrible memory, i won't even attempt to list the people that were there. i won't attempt to tell you what happened. and i don't have the quote book in my possession. (yeah, i know. what good am i?) all i do is scan things and put them up. so anyone who wants to write something or type something or even usurp my position and scan something is welcome to send it to me.
anyway, here are the pics i have up for now.

  • the hotel. this is a picture from the balcony of one of the rooms we were in. you can barely see us out there reflected in the other building if you look hard. no wait, we weren't on the balcony at all. and we certainly never threw anything. this must be the other people above us.
  • marius. i should probably explain here that i'm getting into portrait photography, so i took a lot of shots of people to use for my portfolio. which means none of the pictures i took are funny. somebody send me some good stuff!
  • plick. i think this boy was lying on various surfaces every time i looked at him.
  • spyce. turned out nice, i think. here's another.
  • james and his girlfriend. james is not a channel regular, but he's a very old friend of mine, and he was around enough that some of the channel people got to know him.
  • the guys. no, they're not on the balcony. honest. by the way, that's plick, marius, euronymous, and bleak.
  • closeup of plick and marius. again, not the balcony.
  • this is a drawing trickster scanned and sent me. as she wrote, "this is a picture marius drew while at con, tho I'm not sure of the whys and whatevers. You'll have to ask him ;)

  • i KNOW someone took pictures of my friends chris, kat, and trevor. could whoever has them send me scans or hard copies PLEASE??? i want any other pictures you have too, but i remember those being taken. thanks!

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