Dragon*Con 1998
Pictures and Stories


After much trouble making, Ethen and Low were at long last captured and taken to answer to the Emperor for their rebel activities.

These folks were more vigilant in their efforts to elude detection and capture. On the top we have rfJames/Benares showing off his *cough* sword to Torry. On the bottom is artemis, ryssa and Dreamy plotting their escape from the Bar.

DarkRaven appeared to be working to capture us all in her breath-taking tackle-hugs. To the top, Zyzzyva is the victim, whilst on the bottom rfJames is the target.

Old friends got together once again to hang out and share snacks. ryssa and Torry shared a twizzler, and then ryssa, Torry and LowTek sat in post-leid trauma.

Fashion was foremost on most everyone's mind during the weekend. On the top, Torry is preparing ryssa's face for the world (you think she looks that gorgeous naturally? Okay, so maybe she does....), and on the bottom, Missy displays her angelic facade for us to admire.

NiteShade found himself surrounded by the ladies. On the top, he is watching was DarkRaven attempts to make the bed, and on the bottom, he is mesmorizing Persik on the balcony with stories of his fame.

Ethen challenged Torry in a battle of the Twizzlers, and was defeated mightily by the Great Torry and his Lovely Assistant Ryssa.

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