Dragon*Con 1998
Character List

The name of each person below is linked to a picture of that person (if available). A short description of their relation to the channel or denizens or whatever is also included. Feel free to send modifications or corrections.

artemis: If you don't know who I am by now, you don't deserve to know. #alt.vampyres organizer extraordinaire. Came from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Had the PeachTree room. Other names: arte, artie, Emily.

bleak: Sometimes channel Denizen and real life friend of Euronymous, residing in Atlanta. Other names: Robert.

Chiller: One sexy tart ( drooool ) from London who visits us on channel occasionally and newsgroup predominantly. Other names: Chills.

DarkRaven: Long time channel Denizen who came with Kashie from school in Mass. to play with us. Other names: DR, Cheryl.

Delamorte: Drove through floods (or threat of them) from Florida to come play with us; long time channel Denizen. Other names: Dela, Lashr.

Dreamy: Recently returned channel Denizen from Scotland. Other names: Little Bunny Foo Foo.

EthenHunt: Channel Denizen who ventured from the bowls of Mormon-infested Utah to Atlanta, just so he could call Euro "perky goth" and get choked for it. Other names: Ethen.

Euronymus: Old Fart channel Denizen from Atlanta. Other names: Euro.

Gabriel: Long time channel Denizen from the South. Other names: Gabe.

Garrison: Denizen of the channel and for longer-time on newsgroup.

Gibby: Long time channel Denizen from Chicago. Other names: VenusIvy, Giddy, Gibs.

IceWulf: Channel Denizen from South Carolina who loves to invite trouble to his rooms. Other names: Ice.

James: See mfJames and rfJames.

Kashie: Long time channel Denizen who came with DR. Other names: Kash, Andrea.

Kori: His full name means sick fuck who makes coffee in space. Friend of rfJames and Missy (I think). Online rpg'er who had a very lovely Rogue uniform going and I tell ya, if I didn't think I was way too old for him.... (ok, so he's only 18....) Anyway: other names: Ryoko.

Lochlann: Bay Area former channel Denizen.

Low_Tek: New channel Denizen and friend of Torry, from Atlanta. Other names: Low, Low Jack, Porn Star Tek.

MGiovanni: Sporadic channel Denizen now residing in Atlanta. Other names: Blackbeard, Mgio.

mfJames: Michael's Friend (hence, mf) James from Wisconsin. Has been on channel a few times. Other names: James (just to confuse you).

Michael: New channel Denizen from Wisconsin. Generously got us a hotel room at the Comfort Inn. Other names: DrkAngel, pet.

Missy: Friend of James from Atlanta area and a real sweetie.

Morpheus: Long time channel Denizen from New York who surprised folks by showing up. Other names: Morph, Askelon.

NiteLite: Long lost channel Denizen of the purple hair. Had the Hyatt Quiet Room and earned the name "queenette" (from the term "pimp queen"). Other names: Nitey, Nite (just to confuse her with NiteShade), Merlin.

NiteShade: Channel Denizen from Portland, Oregon who drove me nuts by talking about Portland cuz I miss it so much. Other names: Nite (just to confuse him with NiteLite), Brian.

Persik: Long time channel Denizen from Atlanta and Con-going expert. Other names: Ro.

rfJames: Ryssa's Friend (hence, rf), and veteran of D*C 97 as well. Used to come on channel as Oktavian. Resident of Georgia. Other names: James (just to confuse you), Oktavian, Benares, Drunk Fuck.

ryssa: Long time channel Denizen and Pimp Queen who ran away from school in Virginia for a weekend to play with us. Other names: ryssyluv, darby.

Shdowlord: Occasional channel Denizen, resident of Atlanta. Other names: Shadow, Forest.

Stef: Darling channel Denizen (and newgroup Denizen) from Scotland. Other names: Steffy, Steffers, Stef-Zody.

Susi: Friend of rfJames and Missy, now on channel as MoonAngel.

Takhisis: Cat-lady and long time channel Denizen from the Bay Area (California). Other names: Takh.

Torry: Long time channel Denizen and Twizzlers King residing in Atlanta.

ZuZu: Channel Denizen now residing in Atlanta. Other names: staja, zu.

Zyzzyva: Long time Channel Denizen who drove through threat of floods and stuff just so he could wait for four hours to find anyone.

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