dragon*con 1998

alright already. yes, it's ryssa. yes, this is the quotes page. yes, i'm the one that went home with the notebook. (it was my notebook to start with, okay?) and yes, i finally got my act together long enough to take the time to type all this up, thereby throwing off the balancing act i have going while at school and sending me into a death spiral towards all-nighters and coffee overdoses.

are you happy now?

yeah, that's what i thought. oh wait, you have quotes now... nevermind.

scans of a few of the scribbles in the book will be up as soon as i can get to the scanner when the person using it weighs less than i do and i've got my fluid mechanics books with me to hit them over the head with.

this is gonna be quick and not real pretty. i'm typing them as written, so mistakes aren't my fault. i ain't sorting them by chronological order or name, deal. and if you don't get it, you don't get it. oh yeah, and while most of these were taken out of context, most of them are also intended to be read with your mind in the gutter. (like you couldn't figure that out.)

kashie: "i'm so goth."

darkraven: "is budweiser goth?"

9/3/98, 12:35 am - euro smiled!

ethenhunt to euro: "perky goffboi."
ethen shortly thereafter: "ow."

icewulf about euro: "that perky goffboi is mine!"

gibby: "the tic-tacs won't stay up his nose!"

takhisis to gabe: "you got the weird-ass play-doh hands."

rfjames, making fun of gibby: "dude man phat yo"

torry to the room: "do not, under any circumstances, introduce logic into torry's world."

rfjames: "you're my brother."
niteshade: "you mean bitch."

nitelite: "they told me if i wiped it it would stop."

rfjames: "i will lick it and tell you where the green one is."

torry: "and i'm NOT eating a klingon burger."

ryssa: "i just got caught behind a very large, very pink woman."

niteshade: "are we playing jenny jones makeover day?"

gibby to kashie during a pillow fight: "you broke my nail! now it's a truce."

ethenhunt, being advanced upon by a twizzler-wielding ryssa: "i can't hit ryssa.... i'm fucked."

gibby: "you're pokeable."
gabriel: "well, you're flammable."

rfjames: "everyone should have a tail."
stef-zody: "aye.... yeah.... certainly."

gibby: "takh... TAKH! oh shit, sorry dreamy..."

stef, on seeing dreamy, torry, takhisis, and ryssa standing in
a group: "look, it's anorexia-con!"

chiller: "if ryssa and dreamy lie face to face, their ribcages are going to get locked together."

chiller, on the possibility of getting dinner before drinking: "eating's cheating."

torry: "there wasn't a lot left in the tequila bottle - NOW...."

niteshade: "tastes like ass at the bottom of the bottle, doesn't it?"
rfjames: "uhhhh.... i wouldn't know what that tastes like."

rfjames: "you need to be drunk."
ryssa: "we're out of alcohol."
rfjames: "fook."

rfjames (while plastered): "what's this whole thing about squashing dogs?"

rfjames: "i have a hangover."

mfjames: "what other goals do you have?"
kashie, holding one of mfjames' "magical elixirs": "to finish this drink and then smoke a cigarette."

gabriel (or was it rfjames?), after waking up from sleeping with his hand down his pants and being asked "how was it?": "i'll tell you after the cigarette."

rfjames: "no, i won't fucking lick myself you motherfucker."

morpheus/askelon (referring to his trenchcoat, he swears): "before i go down there, i'm grabbing mr. happy."

darkraven about rfjames and delamorte: "wow, he's shaking his hand -his third hand!"

rfjames: "whoa, dude, that's like spiders crawling up my ass."

ethenhunt: "oh yeah, i know what that guy does with horses in his spare time."

dementia/mfjames: "that's the spanky couch."

icewulf: "the sperm bank ethen's sleeping on... any moment now we'll hear him *slurp* *slurp* *suck*"

rfjames: "ink is one thing, spooge is another."

overheard: "big yellow dildo shirt"

nitelite: "quoteboy is taking a nap."
torry: "so, when did we get into a conversation about stroking
and hair?

gibby: "i feel like a soft taco."
someone: "where's the sour cream?"

mfjames about michael: "when mike needs his pants zipped, call me."

gibby: "i've been poked so many times i'm bruised."

gibby: "people, stop! my ass is beginning to hurt."

gibby: "stop touching my ass."


rfjames: "i'll only go up your shirt if you want me to."

random guy in elevator to ryssa, upon overhearing a conversation: "have fun with your bra size..."
low-tek: "oh yeah, we will."

rfjames: "i'm here for all your enjoyment."

torry: "i've never encountered a girl who could masturbate me better than i could myself."
stef-zody: "well, you're in the wrong country."

gibby: "well, i can deepthroat a ketchup bottle."

rfjames about unknown chick: "i didn't find her particularly
attractive, but i liked her kneepads."

rfjames to stef-zody: "thank you for the mouthful."

chiller: "i hate it, but i want to rub it against myself."
stef-zody: "how many times have i heard that?"

chiller: "you're my life
you're my light
you're my shag tonight."

gibby: "where were you for all the pictures?"
stef-zody: "haven sex!"

torry (with accent): "in mother russia, we make the fucking love to EVERYONE."

rfjames: "i like going back and forth."

staja: "torry's bi?!?!"

chiller: "you're not a woman."
torry: "how do you know?"

torry: "there is way too much sheik going on here."

ryssa: "we can fit four in a bed."
artemis: "we can FIT four in a bed, but we can't SLEEP four in a bed."

torry: "if you think about it, we all got leid at the same time."

machina (on the phone): "there's nothing that gathers more attention than sex."
low-tek: "hey, let her (apoleia) talk now... ooh, munchies!"

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