Channel Field Trips and Events

Sometimes we try to organize particular things. We are silly and masochistic this way. Here are some events tentatively planned for our time together at Con. If you have anything you'd like mentioned to people (like if someone wanted to try to organize an all-channel dinner like we had in 96), please email the Web Goddesses and we'll do what we can to get it up here.

Movie Outing

from eterniti:

I was talking to Bleak and we both thought that 'maybe' people would be interested in going to a movie together. I know that I am a HUGE Movie buff and as I am not a big drinker, didn't know if anyone else would be into 'getting' away from the 'craziness' so to speak for an evening?

Piercing Field Trip

If this channel is nothing else, it's a group of freaks. We have dyed hair, pierced bodies, survived tattoes, etc., etc. Since several people have talked about doing more damage to themselves with needles, artemis thought it would be an interesting idea to get a group of would-be pierced people together and take a trip to someone with a lot of skill with needles and body jewelery. Some are only thinking about an ear piercing, and some are thinking about something more exotic. Whatever the final damage, it will be a sight to behold. artemis will probably try to organize this sometime during the Con weekend, so ask her at Con about it if you're interested in being involved. Right now, it will probably be on either Thursday or Friday, as a kind of bizarre ice breaker. Spectators are of course welcome too, and artemis promises no peer pressure from her to do anything.

Attaching some ink to the skin is also a possibility to go with this idea. We'll see what happens, but a few people have said they'd like to get tattoed too.


From Gibby:

ok, i don't know if there are any good 18+ clubs in Ga, but i'd like to know if there are, where they are, and if we can organize a lil club scene action. it doesn't have to be goth, all i'm looken for is loud music and a big mothafucken dance floor *smile* soooo, i think it would be kewl...

From Takhisis:

I second this motion, and I'm all for the idea of "goffing out" whether the club is goth or not...why do we go to D*C except to doll up and act like phreaks anyway? Or is that just me? Anyway, more details as we get them on club dates/locations/etc.

From benares:

of all the clubs and pseudo clubs in atlanta, the masquerade or 688 are prolly your best bets... unless, of course, we want to go to the chamber. masquerade is 3 areas: heaven, where they have concerts, etc; purgatory, which is a bar/pool hall; and hell, where they have a dj spinning something or other...usually a lot of ravers there. 688 is a goth/industrial club near tech and state. it's prolly pretty much the same as any other goth/industrial club in the nation...never been there myself. the chamber is a fetish club, expect to find s&m/b&d at every turn. not really my forte, but it's a good goth/industrial type place to go...i think it's 18+ on weekends, 21+ on weekdays.

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