Pixivixen's List of Do's and Don't's

For those of you who are going to con this year and either (a) have never been to con, or (b) don't remember last con, I, Pixivixen, have compiled a list of hints and reminders. If anyone has anything I missed that they'd like to add, send it to the web goddesses:


  1. PRE-REG! Standing in an extremely long line with all those Klingons is no way to start a weekend of hotsex and bondage.
    (Ed. Note: DO NOT pre-reg through Ticketmaster! They make you wait in the same line and they have a tendency to lose your registration. Please, for your own sake, pre-register through DragonCon itself with a check or whatever!)

  2. For the love of god, could someone please remember to bring a cd player this year to keep in the party room? And i shouldnt really have to say this, but i will just in case: BRING CDS.

  3. Oh, and dont forget the VCR.

  4. To make it a lil easier to keep track of the quotes when you're too drunk to operate a pencil, someone should bring a micro-cassette recorder this time. half of the good ones got left out last year because of that.

  5. Since everyone will want their own pictures. It is advisable to bring a camera of some sort. if you dont own one, juts grab a three pack of those Fun-Saver thingees at sams or something.

  6. If anyone has a video camera, I'm sure we could have fun with that, too.

  7. Wear the most outrageous things you can get your hands on. Last year, i wasnt quite sure so all i brought were jeans and tee shirts because i was afraid i would stand out. I felt more weird in jeans and tee shirts than i would have felt in nothing but a g-string and a green wig.

  8. Bring more socks. (How ever many pairs youre planning to bring, bring more.)

  9. Bring extra money to pitch in for the alcohol fund.

  10. Get a carton of cigarettes before you leave. Its cheaper than buying them as you go, and chances are, you wont want to spend your con money on them. Also, find some way to personalize each pack so you can keep track of them.

  11. For those of you who dont have Zippos, get a multi-pack of the most interesting lighters you can find.

  12. Bring extra towels. The ones at the hotel are too small, and there are never enough of them.

  13. Feel free to bring a Teddy-Bear. I dont think anyone will make fun of you. If they do, beat them up.

  14. Bring munchies/snacks/candy/Vienna Sausages/Spam/other non-parishable fewd items. The con suite's nice, but dont expect to survive on it. Dont expect to survive on the food you can buy in the area, either, that is, unless you have an extra $100 or so you wouldnt rather spend on a longsword or something.

  15. Bring comfy shoes. You will be doing alot of walking.

  16. Watch as much Star Wars and Star Trek as you can before you go so youll feel right at home among the Klingons, Star Troopers, Jawas, Wookies, ect.

  17. Bring an extra peice of luggage for the stuff you buy.

  18. Niteshade, dont forget your porno dice.

  19. Always have a Plan B.


  1. First, foremost, and above all, DO NOT GO SEE THE JOE CHRIST MOVIE. Definately keep more of an eye on what else is showing though. I missed a bunch of cool movies last year because i didnt know about them.

  2. Dont go to the Gwar show if you've just met someone you wish to go out with.

  3. Dont plan your first meeting with someone youve been talking to over the internet all summer (unless they are an alt.vamp) and who knows nobody else in the city but you. It could come close to ruining your weekend.

  4. Dont bring drugs...

  5. Do not puke. I will kill you.

  6. Dont waste suitcase space on pajamas. If you do sleep, it will most likely either be naked or in whatever you were wearing when you passed out.

  7. Dont drop anything off the balcony. We may not be lucky enough to get a room that close to the ground this year.

  8. Do not eat mexican food.

  9. Dont drink anything that looks like pond scum from the bottom of a Sprite bottle marked "Magic Elixer"
    (Ed. Note: Actually, the Sprite bottle was "Swamp Water", mfJames's brew. But yes, both it and Niteshade's "Magic Elixer" should be fled from.)

  10. Dont spend all your money the first day. for one, half the stuff will be cheaper if you wait, and for two, its no fun having a bunch of shit to carry around but no money to buy more.

  11. Dont try to make plans. It just makes it worse when they dont work out.

  12. Dont try to see everything the first day.

  13. Dont do anything i wouldnt do...

  14. Dont let them get you addicted to Clove cigarettes. I was already addicted to them because of being in high school with Benares, but im afraid thers no turning back for poor Low Tek...

  15. Dont take a cab.

  16. Dont point and giggle at the Klingons or Star Troopers.

  17. Don't take the elevators at the Hyatt if you are prone to vertigo.

  18. (Ed. Note) Don't bring any luggage you don't want to haul down several flights of stairs if you are staying in the Hyatt. Your chances of getting an elevator during checkout Sunday morning is about as good as being struck by a meteor while simultaneously seeing Bigfoot and holding a winning lottery ticket. i.e., not gonna happen.

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