Dragon*Con 99 Group Membership

While part of the attraction of Dragon*Con is hanging out with all the cool channel folk, there is also a very cool fan convention going on, featuring tons of goodies from every realm of science fiction and fantasy. There are panels that focus on particular worlds of sci fi, and events like Joe christ Movies, and the dealer's room which is full of goodies to buy. The only catch is that most of these things require a pass to get into.

The pass to get into these things is referred to as the membership. The various memberships available range from 4-day to single day, and you can get them in advance at lower costs. We were going to do a group membership, but a better deal came along for people who were Members last year. So, everyone's on their own. You can still pre-register by yourself for a lower price than it will be at the door. See the Official Dragon*Con Membership Page.

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