Dragon*Con 99 Participants

artemis: Also known as artie, art, Emily, Em. Came in from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

beleth: Also known as benares, rfJames (from Con98), James. Atlanta native.

Bleak: Also known as Robert. Atlanta native.

Chanilye: Also known as Chan, Chani, Alana. Came all the way from Toronto.

Chica: Also known as Jia. Came from Minneapolis, Minnesota with Artemis.

Chiller: Also known as: Chills. Came all the way from England!

Dreamy: Also known as Dreamy, "Hey you," Schmee, balcony boi, Tim. Came all the way out from Scotland.

Eterniti: Also known as Et, Sue. Came out from from Niagara Falls.

EthenHunt: Also known as SpookBob.

Euronymous: Also known as Euro, Kayvan. Atlanta native.

Gabriel: Also known as Gabey Gabey, Gabe, Chris. Fled from Mississippi.

Garrison: Also known as Frank. Came in from Pennsylvania.

Gibby: Came from Chicago.

Grey_Mist: Also known as Grey, Kori. Atlanta Native.

IceWulf: Also known as Icey, Cold Poodle, Caid.

K-: Also known as K. Came all the way from California.

LowTek: Also known as Low. Atlanta native.

Lydia: Also known as: Lyds. Atlanta native.

Lyonene: Also known as Lyon. Came from Chicago.

Machina: Also known as Ryan. Flew out from Seattle, Washington.

Mekshepah: Also known as Mek, Erik. Atlanta native.

nightgoddess: Also known as Nitey, Merlin, (NiteLite). Came from Virginia.

Paden: Also known as Adam.

Persik: Also known as Rebekkah, SusiNeito, Ro. Atlanta native.

PixiVixen: Also known as Missy. Atlanta native.

Ravan: Also known as Matt. Came from Colorado.

Rivian: Also known as Marshall, Marsh, Disco-Boy. Atlanta native.

ryssa: Also known as darby. Came from Lynchburg, Virginia with her SO kitan.

Stef: Came out from Canada.

Succubyss: Also known as Shawn. Came from somewhere around the Chicago area.

Takhisis: Also known as Takhi, Takh, Mel. Wandered out from San Francisco, California.

Tom_Vague: AKA Tristan.

ToRRY: Also known as Jamie.

ZuZu: Also known as Staja, DevilCat, Suspiria, so forth. Atlanta native.

zyzzyva: Also known as Liam. Came in from Orlando, Florida.

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