I Made it to Atlanta. How Do I Get to the Hyatt?!

ryssa (who is writing this, btw) got off her ass and found some time, so here's the updated directions and such for navigating the wonderful world of atlanta. enjoy, kiddies. and i'll see ya there.


marta is atlanta's public transit system (the metro and the buses). marta has a couple of bad points and a couple of good points. example: BAD - there's only two metro lines that don't really go much of anywhere. GOOD - that makes it easy to figure out, and it just happens to go where you want to go. see the map for a better idea - the con is centered around peachtree center station, which is on the north/south rail line just north of five points (the intersection of the two lines).

it's real easy, folks: if you're coming in at the airport, follow the signs marked (you guessed it) "marta". pay yer money, lug all yer big heavy bags onto the train, and sit back. marta only goes one way from the airport, so you can't get lost here. get off at the peachtree center station. if you're headed for the hyatt or the party suite, follow the directions below.

marta costs $1.50 for each ride, with free transfers to their bus system. PLEASE NOTE THAT MARTA DOES NOT RUN BETWEEN 1 AND 5 AM.

From the Marta to the Hyatt
simple: you walk. (it's like two blocks, chill.)

i've gone and made a map for you guys that should help you out (shown below). it's got most of the hotels, the con areas, even the location of the nearest public library and the package store on the corner. the text directions i'm about to give are for how to get to the hyatt, where the #alt.v party rooms are. if you want to go somewhere else, i hope you can read a map.

to get to the hyatt from marta:

get off at peachtree center station. go out the exit for peachtree center/harris st. (the one with the REALLY HUGE ESCALATORS on the north end). go right at the top of the stairs and follow the hallway around. at this point you have a choice: left, through the mall and the food court, or right up a smaller set of stairs. if you go through the food court there's a covered walkway into the hyatt. it's a bit tricky to find, but look to your left-ish and read the signs and you should find it. the walkway will dump you out at the BACK of the lobby of the hyatt.

you can also go in the front way by heading up that set of stairs. that will dump you out on peachtree street. you need to hang a right and go one block north. the entrance to the hyatt will be on your side of the street. there's a big sign, and you really can't miss it.

when you get there, find a courtesy phone in the lobby. call the front desk. (if you can't just dial the hotel operator, the full number is 404-577-1234. please note that you will have to dial all 10 of those digits from any pay phone in the atlanta area. no "1" before the area code is required, just the 10 digits.) ask to be connected to the room of emily matson. tell whoever answers who you are, and ask what the room number is. take the elevators up to the room. viola! (cello! bass!)

if you're really really lost, call the hyatt. (number above.) ask to be connected to the room of emily matson. beg for help from whoever answers the phone.

thanks to euro for holding my umbrella and not laughing at all the homeless people following me around while i figured all this out.

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