Kashie, Mar, and Plick do New York

Written by Kashie

K, so, this is what happened, for all who care.

I left my house at about 12, arrived at the park at 1:30, because I decided to walk there instead of taking the subway, for some strange reason. I sat there for awhile, saw Master Lee and the Three Canadians about twice, then at 3:20 I started wandering, looking for Mar who was supposed to show, then.

At around 4, I sat down, and within 5 minutes, became involved in a discussion with some guy from a religous cult (he was totally brainwashed, ever read "The Cult"?), a Satanist, and some philosopher dude. I didn't talk much, just listened, and convinced my religon friend guy that I was a good Christian girl. (like that would happen)

So, Mar finally showed at 4:30. He was dressed exactly like the satanist, and I think my religon friend guy was disappointed in me. We looked for Plick, who showed at 5? or somewhere around there.

And what a trio we made, with Plick and Mar dressed all goth, and me in my lacrosse shorts and Nikes. But anyway, within 5 minutes this girl who would be really beautiful if her eyelids hadn't been pierced, walked over and started flirting with Mar. He blew her off. What an arse.

We searched and searched for a top hat, and finally gave up. I should have left then, if I was to get home on time, but of course I didn't want to do that.

Then we went back to Washington Square Park, after Plick bought beer, and started putting on makeup. That is, Mar and Plick put on makeup, and I helped. One thing I never thought I'd do, was to put fake nails on Mar. But I did. At about the same time, the pre-gay pride parade was going on. It was lesbian night, or something. I was scared, so I pretended that I was dating Marius, although he looked more gay than I did.

I finally got home at about 11:30, 4 and a half hours late. I wonder if my parents will ever let me leave the house again...

That's pretty much it... if you have anything to add, just tell me.

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