Just a Faded Memory

Okay, this is where I get sentimental and shit. It was four days of insanity. Or rather, three nights of wild insanity and fun. Too much happened to really tell you everything. If you weren't there, I don't know if you deserve to know what we did. But it was a blast, and this is more of a tribute to the fact that we lived through it and didn't get arrested or harassed or anything. Well, except for Euro and Bowyn on New Year's Eve night, but that's what you get for walking around alone in the middle of the night looking like they do.

The 30th was the day of meetings. Everyone came together, except for Euronymous who would join the next day. Some light drinking and some heavy talking. A little heavy breathing too in the couples. A lot of showers for those who traveled forever to get to Atlanta. Naps galore and our first visit to Waffle House. The trip to the liquor store which I fortunately missed.

The 31st was a party day, damnit, whether we liked it or not. The several hour trip to Auburn to kidnap Euro. A trip to the toy store for some. Fireworks and drinking and sulking and playing and ice and cigars. Dressing up like trash because I was forced to. Shannon and Mountain Pony. Champaign, shots of Absolut, Goldshlager, mixes and straight. Drinking and sobering up. A new year.

The 1st was the day after, a day when we were finally getting comfortable with each other and used to each other. More partying. Truth or Dare from hell. A little more drinking, at least for me, except that someone kept stealing my drinks, damnit. Rolling around and over people on the bed. Tickling. Snogging. Demonstrations and fantasies explained. Flashes from pictures. The mall and Oscar the Grouch. Victoria's Secret. The attack on Euro's perky little ass. I think he's still black and blue.

The 2nd was the day of farewells. The mood wasn't really sad, just a little darker. We knew we'd see each other again, but it would be under different circumstances. The days-long moment was finally ending. Plans were made for more gatherings. Packing up. Last day at Waffle House and farewell to Shannon. Hopes for more. End of a great time.

Okay, I have to go be sentimental and crappy now. Look at the pictures and wish you were there if you weren't. If you were, I miss the times, and come back for Dragon*Con, damnit.

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