People Who Showed Their Face

Ten people total showed up in Atlanta to party. They were (in just plain old alphabetical order) artemis, Bowyn, Euronymous, Gabriel, IceWulf, Kitana, Muligan, Priest, SusiNeito, and Toreador. Honorable mentions go to DarkRaven, Karafon, and MrsFoo who tried to get there. The party people stayed for different periods of times in different rooms and came from different distances. Each was vital to making it the best party ever in existence and I'm not just saying that because I was there, damnit!


I came the second furthest, after Kitana. All the way on a fucking Greyhound from Minnesota. It took me 26 hours to get there, and only 36 to get home when I finally did decide to secede from the South. I showed up around 4:00 am on the 30th (I still don't know what day that is), making poor SusiNeito and IceWulf come and get me at the scary and sometimes dangerous Greyhound station. Don't worry, folks, if I ever come visit wherever the hell you are, I promise you will be picking me up at the airport, and not the damn Greyhound station. Nope nope nope nope.... My legs are still cramped, and my mind is still stuck in the Chicago station.

So yeah, I came from Minnesota, and um, I really don't know what to say about myself. So I won't say anything. Ha!


Bowyn came from Jackson, Mississippi, with Muligan to party with us. He sold his soul to pay for the trip, just ask him about it sometime. Of course, as soon as he got there he got on the phone to call his sweet heart. If Bowyn were ever missing from the room, we were sure it was to be on the fucking phone. Many nasty things were planned to do to that poor phone, but fortunately the fact that Muligan and artemis had to stay in the same room with him kept him safe.

One of Bowyn's greatest contribution to the party had to be the massive amounts of tobacco products, including the infamous PowWow clove, which was only matched by IceWulf's massive amount of cigars, including the Don Juan cigar. And of course he demonstrated how to correctly snog a person, but I won't name names.. well, not here, anyway. Just catch me, and I'll share the gory details.


SusiNeito and I had to drive a few extra hours on New Year's Eve day to go get this poor pathetic bastard out of Auburn, Alabama. I still don't know what the fuck Toomer's Corner is, although all the natives know exactly where it is. Fortunately, the laughs he caused on the car ride back to Atlanta alone paid for gas and the green apple jolly ranchers he stuffed down our throats. His fuzzy head and stupid lines stolen from Eddie Murphy and other people kept us entertained for hours at the party. And for once, I am not exaggerating. Of course, he isn't to be held responsible for everything he did, considering he can't hold vodka at all.

Keep your eyes out for the upcoming Euro-doll, complete with shaved head and string around his neck, and when you pull the chord, he says "Fuck you (smirk)," "Goony goo goo," "If you don't like it, you can get the fuck out," or the classic, "Miss me, bitch." Plans are also in the works for Euro-Airlines. Hell, it can't be any worse than Greyhound, and at least Euro will be honest with you.

Also, if you're ever looking for a completely unbiased judge, call on Euro. He was the judge for our game of Truth or Dare, and he hated everyone equally enough to keep things fair. Unfortunately, he did have to have his head licked. I think SusiNeito still has the tongue burns.


Gabriel showed up on the 30th as well, walking into the Party room and shocking all the females with his dashing good looks. I'm sure he's blushing right now as he's reading this. But none of us expected him to be so tall or to look so much like Brandon Lee. Complete with Redneck accent of course.

Gabriel wasn't seen much at the party, except to choke on a cigar. He was holed up in a hotel room with a certain person which I won't name until I get permission to write their names in bright copper lipstick across the world.


The king of cigars and Guinness beer, Wulfie kept the boys in fear during Truth or Dare with his wedgies from hell. Also the king of practical jokes, he is responsible (although he will still refuse that he had anything to do with any of it) for the lipstick and shaving cream incidents. I've finally forgiven him, and I hope others have too. Hell, Keep your eyes out for the upcoming Euro-doll, complete wit wasn't their lipstick that was ruined during the whole mess!

This tall babe drove all the way from Maine to party in the South. Her trip had more than one purpose, and soon she will be living down in Atlanta. I guess she had such a damn fine time at the party that she couldn't bare to be away from the place that had given her such happiness. Of course I'm making this up, but hell, this is her private life I'm getting into, so go away!

Although I must tell you that this is the woman who decided that I was dressed way too conservatively on New Year's Eve and started stripping me of my clothes. Yes, Kit, I will get you for that.... :) She wins for the best dares in Truth or Dare, but again, that's getting a leeeeettle too personal.


My personal savior on this trip because he gave me a place to sleep, Muligan showed up on the 30th also with Bowyn. He was our cool Mr. Fix-It who could fix anything. He set up the computer from which we occasionally all said hi from our drunken stupor (okay, only a few us ever reached drunken stupor, but you get the point), and he fixed SusiNeito's glasses when I accidentally kicked them when I was being tortured by her and Euronymous. He also succeeded in getting most everyone to try that nasty shit, Goldshlager. But no, gentle reader, I did not. Ha!


Priest also traveled quite a distance, and by the same hellish method I used. He got in to the Greyhound station a few hours after I did, but he was kinder to Susi and didn't make her come get him at that horrid place. I did have to sign for the youngin's room, though, and he still owes me for that. Then again, maybe he paid off that debt by behaving during the party. Yes, folks, Priest was there, and yes, he behaved himself. He was polite and nice and didn't cause nearly as much trouble as he could have if this really had been IRC 3-D. We're still not sure if his love for long-necked bottles is healthy. Please see the pictures on this boy.. you just won't believe until you see the way he lovingly sucks on those fuckers.

Our lovely hostess in Atlanta, Susi created miracles getting us all down there and in one piece. I'm still trying to think of a decent "thank you" to give her, so if you have any great suggestions, please let me know! Her room served as the main party room, where we accumulatively smoked many cigars, spilled much vodka, and ate much greasy food. Only the Waffle House suffered more damage. Well, maybe not.

She showed us around the area, kept us fed, drove us around, picked people up, and kept "Mother's Whore House" nice and pretty and safe. Thank you, Mother Whore!


Toreador was the one I expected the least from because, hell, I still haven't run into him on-line. But he was another polite, nice Southern young man. I had to kidnap his fedora for New Year's, but he didn't seem to mind too much. Unfortunately, he had to leave a little early due to sickness and work calling. He lives in Atlanta, so he doesn't get any brownie points for traveling too far - just for putting up with us and not running away and turning us in or anything. I also discovered he is a romantic, so vixens, get him if he's still free! Now.. damnit!.

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