Much Alcohol

Where would we have been without the bottles of Guiness (including IceWulf's baby bottle), Goldshlager, and two bottles of very very very fine vodka. I managed to get Euro extremely toasted even though I drank more than he did, and I even coerced Priest to go against every moral in his body (yes, i am evil incarnate!) and got him to drink a very weak screwdriver, the same thing Euro and I were slamming. Unfortunately, the drink didn't agree with Priest that well later, but as you can see here, he didn't mind it too much at the time!

Truth or Dare

Susi took part in some of the more humerous dares in our Truth or Dare game on the night of the 1st. In the first picture here, she is licking Euro's newly shaven head - he had shaved only a few days before the party! And no, he was not amused, but the good, fair, boy that he is, went through with it anyway.

This is the aftershock of IceWulf freaking out after the experience! This is Susi, IceWulf, me, Kitana, and Gabriel.. all laughing our asses off except for IceWulf who is hiding in embarrasment from one of the dares in Truth or Dare.

Priest didn't even need to be dared to do this interesting act with a wine cooler bottle. Maybe that's the only reason he would drink - because of his love of their shape.. hmmmm.........

Cigars, Cigarettes, and Cloves

The only thing we had more of than alcohol was tobacco. IceWulf brought over a hundred dollars worth of cigars to the party. The guys all had at least one, driving the girls insane in the small room where all the smoke was collecting. But I did try a cigar once they got me toasted enough on New Years Eve. That, and a cigar always tastes better when you're trying to keep it from another drunk person, such as Euro. Bowyn had the most fun with his Don Juan Cigar.. the cigar of lovers!

Bowyn and Muligan also showed up with many many kinds of cigarettes and cloves. The party people shared a "Pow Wow" clove our first night there - a very thick and very nummy clove that was passed around to all. Then there was just some plain old-fashioned chain smoking. Camel and Marlboro can just thank us for funding all their employees with their dental plan for the next year.

The Happy Fucking Couple

This is the happy fucking couple, Gabriel and Kitana. I won't go into their personal lives too much, but, yes, they came together, and yes, they worked out like a fucking fairy tale, and yes, we are all jealous as can be. There were a few almost romances, but theirs was the one that worked. We're still cheering them on now that they're living in Atlanta! Woohoo!!

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