Recently a concern has been raised about underage drinking the channel party room at Con. The concern was raised in light of statements made by Con folks to the effect that they will be more stringent about checking up on underage drinking, to the point of kicking people out and involving the police. In the past, the of-age drinkers have dismissed the risks involved with supplying minors with alcohol and, in my case, giving them a place to drink alcohol. In light of this stated intent to crack down on underage drinking, however, I am no longer willing to take the risks involved. As the person under whom the party room is registered, I am liable for any underage drinking in that room. Anything that happens in other rooms is none of my concern, but there will be no underage drinking in the party room. I don't intend to stand around policing the room, but I will rely on the channel's interest in looking after itself to stay safe and do nothing that will get me or others arrested. If anyone is underage and drinking in the room, I will ask them to leave.

I hope this doesn't dampen any of your spirits about the fun we will have at Con.

If you have any questions, please contact me (

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