its done
i know what this is
i know what this does
i know it can hurt
i want it
i want it...

tell me who
makes me glow
all the times i smile
i know
its you its you
believe me, you
i'm waiting, you
i give myself to you.

is free
bleeding stories
take the feathers
turn me into what i love
i am for you
i am for you

i'm on the floor
tell me more
with you're sweet voice.
elbows bruised
and darkened fingers
making faces
touching hands
drawing delicate fabrics
sketching sketching sketching

you make me feel alive
on edge sometimes
but feeling fine
oh twist a bit
i'll have a fit
this time this time
i walk the line

my fix
the boots and kicks
its two to be true
i know i know
if you're close enough
to kick
i'm close enough
to lick quick
kiss and grin

the weeks
till heaven meets
of course
i'd have it sooner
if i'm able
under the table
we'll give kisses
this is
what i think i like.


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