she said


OooOOooHH! Hey!
yeah, thats what she said
come, walk this way
just the words she sprayed
I walked, and I talked
letting the chain swing free
grabbing that cup of take away pain
my shades hung low, my eyes on high
him, I saw, had murder in his eyes
yet.. she said
come, walk this way
yes, they grind, and pump
and pump and grind
yet, there, red dress of

called to me..
she leaned back, arched, crawled..
letting her tail slip out
as she meowed my way
I leaned in, whispered words
of sweet sweet dropping tears...
her lips crawled on my neck
left trails on the ear....

she growled "wanna party"

I flashed that winnin' grin
my eyes awide and my pants a shinin'
I licked my lip
that trans-psuedo psycho sexual yes

"..50 bucks.."

yeah..thats what she said..


-Deus X Machina

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