The bathtub has just begun to fill
And I think I need to kill.
From my pocket I take a razor,
So much sharper than a laser.
Death is what I so much miss,
As I'm longing for it's kiss.
As I slide into the bath
I can see the aftermath.
The ruddy liquid quite a mess
And the priest shall not bless.
And as I use the razor to slpit my wrists
I go into sado-masochistic fits.
The slash up and down each arm
Is what causes all the harm.
And as the blood seeps from me
I know it will end up in the sea.
I begin to feel a little giddy,
Just like when I was a kiddy.
Death was always at my door,
And now it would eat some more.
But now I start to fall asleep
I hope that death my soul shall reap.
Fore when I die before I wake
I'll go to hell for heaven's sake.


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