I chose my prey from afar
And it knew its death was near.
I advanced upon my target
As i neared it sensed my presence,
I could tell it was male by it's cry.
The horror of death slipped into its heart.
My mark ran in terror of itself.
I unstrapped my weapon from my back
The gleaming black metal shining
In the moonlight from above.
Click says the clip, clack says the bolt
Telling me it's ready for me.
I followed my charge close
It loped like deer through the forest.
I followed across the grid-like fields
Between trees as tall as redwoods.
My prey resting, thinking
.No longer being followed.
The gun against my shoulder
I fire a shot through it's thigh.
Running, sprinting in fear,
Bleeding like a broken hose.
I chase through the forest of buildings
I stop and fire.
Pain in its shoulder.
Time to Finish?,
I say to myself. YES.
Placing my rifle on my back
I draw my silenced pistol
And chase my target through the city streets.
I catch my Prey in a dead end alley.
My mark knowing it's trapped kneels.
I quickly raise my gun
To his forehead.
I begin to pull the trigger.
Every shot of his face
Comes to mind.
His sneers, his grimaces,
And now the somber face.
The hammer slams forward.
A red and white shower
Splatters onto a blue wall.
With my job done,
I dissapear
To never return.


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