Up against the wall I throw him.
I grab his head and smack it against the ground.
I start to kick his ribs in
Breaking them one by one with my foot.
I stomp on his chest and kick him in the crotch.
Grabbing a metal bar I smash him in the face.
His broken nose dripping blood everywhere.
The bar comes down on his femur.
A thump and crack are the resulting sounds.
I kick him in the face this time
Spattering blood on my steel toe boots.
For this insult I stomp his ankle.
Bones crunching under foot is the joyous sound I hear.
I bring the bar down on his face again.
Shattered cheek bones and blackened bruises.
A moan from his throat makes me giddy.
I bring the bar down across his throat
Again and again and again and again,
Until I'm pulled off his vanquished corpse.


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