The Tears of an Angel

A single tear transcends from the divine,
And strikes ground hard like the hammer of thor,
Yet as subtle as the finest of wines.
Leaving no trace as it falls now no more.

>From the ground upon whence it did once hit,
A sprouting tree rose causing elation.
The brilliant tree shimmered and became lit,
By all powers of imagination.

Oh but how that did now hastily grow,
Into a strange patterned flowing giant.
Alas it evolved, changed all but slow,
Into a form more free and defiant.

The gossamer waterfall now flowed forth,
With all of the bright prismatic changes,
Along it's circuitous hidden course,
Becoming an entity of ranges.

But the entity wanes and now it dies,
Slipping into dimenishing guises.
The shades spiraling through lowering highs,
Falling from the ground from which it rises.

Gone now forever the way whence it came,
That creation vanished for evermore.
Once lost, entity slain, nothing the same,
Until that heavenly drop falls once more.


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