Someone Like You

To quench the lust of burning hearts,
A gossamer afterimage of wonder,
As infinite in ways as time and space,
Spinning webs of mystery as fine as lace.
Someone to fix a world torn assunder,
Someone like you

To ensnare my soul with an artists mind,
Purer than untouched sylvan lands.
A form rolling like the verdanant hills,
Effeminant peaks to shaply grooved rills.
Someone to cradle my worh effate hands,
Someone like you

To mingle our feeling, passionate fires.
Free as Zues's vengance tearing blue skies,
Swallowing existance in hasty ways,
Caprice as a pixie on passing days.
Someone to shield me from my own webbed lies,
Someone like you

To brighten my darkest, direst of hours;
The light shining through the cold driving rain.
An empathetic angel, oh how free,
A primal connection between her and me.
Someone to understand and share the pain,
Someone like you


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