Do you ever..

Do you ever have that feeling that you are terribly terribly late for something, that was so important it overwhelmed you and you forgot it? Do you ever sit in the bus station or a park bench and watch a particularly pathetic example of humanity and think you might be looking at some temperly warped picture of yourself? The way there eyes are place, the way their lips shape words like "Water" and "Dime-Store". You could be looking in a mirror that exists only in places that you dare not peek at through your fingers. Do you ever wonder at the life of a broken down floppy rubber and canvas shoe that now sits bleakly in the gutter in front of you, a singularity, quite alone. Did it ever have a friend?

Does the emptyness of parking garages on sundays at 6 am, just as the sun turns the lights on, ever make you feel like crying. Do you wonder why and shrug it off later as one of those odd moments we all have and never talk about?

Do you ever give yourself away for free at a bake sale knowing full well no one will notice and the ones that do will not comment because silence is golden and thought is taboo, because you dreamt last night about omni fish in all there brilliant colors fighting till this death, one emerging the winner still in a fish bowl.


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