I tip the shot back like a pro.
The harsh liquor stings my mouth like your kiss could,
when you wanted to.

The world takes on the surreal humming of angels,
singing of a better time, a different place,
an era of innocence and true love.

"Take your time," I told you, and felt like screaming.
"Take your TIME, it's only my LIFE,
the grains of time slipping away while you dally with a mere child."

I count the bullets as I drink them down like crows.
One for sorrow, two for joy,
three for this girl, mummified in alcohol.

Pain lessens and slips away. Time can be hurried
by artificial means. The scars
are washed away by amber absolution.

I wish I could shatter this glass in my hand,
pierce a hand with each shard like a martyr
and hang myself up for you to see what you've done.


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